Titan Poker raises the stakes

23 April 2008

PRESS RELEASE) -- Titan Poker, the largest poker room on the iPoker Network, now guarantees more than $16,000,000 in monthly online poker tournaments. This monumental increase reflects the growing status and success of the popular online poker room.

Titan Poker's guaranteed prize pools are continuing to rise weekly, based on the rapidly growing number of players constantly drawn to the online poker room's exciting promotions, thrilling tournaments and excellent customer service. Titan Poker recently captured Gambling Online Magazine's Gold Award for providing the Best Online Poker Customer Service for the second year in a row.

Just five months ago, Titan Poker was guaranteeing less than half of what it now puts on the table in its round-the-clock tournament schedule.

"We are constantly seeking new ways to offer our players more chances to play and even bigger prizes to win," a spokesman for Titan Poker shared. This probably accounts for the tremendous success that Titan Poker is experiencing and then passing on to its players by giving them even more varieties of poker play month to month.

Titan Poker regularly honors its players with seats at the world's most well-known poker tournaments. Titan Poker's qualifying players will deal in at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas later this summer. This year, it is offering even more seats and opportunities to qualify for the WSOP. The new WSOP Executive Package will endow players with an opportunity to play poker in Vegas in royal style. Initiatives like this are certainly contributing to Titan Poker's titan success.

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