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Vin Narayanan
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A video tribute to Calvin Ayre

23 April 2008
By Vin Narayanan

When Bodog founder Calvin Ayre announced his retirement Monday, the online gaming industry lost one of its legendary figures. Ayre was a brilliant and tireless marketing genius who jetted across the globe to turn Bodog into an online gambling powerhouse and a household name and brand. But while Ayre lived in manner fit for "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," he never forgot his roots as a son of humble Candian farmers. It's part of why he's a dedicated philanthropist.

In announcing his retirement, Ayre told readers of his blog, "I'm going to focus my time on a balanced private life and The Calvin Ayre Foundation, which I am truly passionate about."

The combination of brash billionaire businessman, web marketing savvy that most people dream of, and the true heart of a humanitarian made Ayre a compelling and entertaining figure that will be sorely missed. So before he slips from our collective conscious (or perhaps to keep him there permanently), we present to you the best Calvin Ayre video clips we could find. Enjoy.

10. April Fools

When you combine a love for April Fools jokes with the ability to laugh at yourself, you get the best April Fools joke ever -- a reality show dubbed "Calvin's Heir."

9. Daredevil

Calvin likes to live life large. And part of that includes enjoying things that move fast and fly. No. 9 on our countdown features Calvin strapping himself to the top of a plane and enjoying the view from up high.

8. Flying a MiG 29

Continuing on theme of fast high, here's some video of Calvin flying a Russian fighter jet.

7. Living the good life

From fine cigars to expensive watches, big houses -- well they're actually compounds -- and fine women everywhere, Calvin lives the life every man dreams of. In these next two video clips, the TV show "World's Richest People" chronicles his lifestyle.

6. MTV tours the Bodog Compound

Calvin, wearing his Bodog Tartan Kilt, takes "MTV Cribs" on a tour of the company's compound in Costa Rica. The house is so large at that MTV dedicates two-thirds of its show to it.

5. Stuck in the mud

Calvin's Russian tank gets stuck in the mud during this promotional shoot for Bodog Fight Series II -- Clash of the Nations. Absolutely hilarious.

4. Pig excrement

In this fun hot air balloon ride over the Spanish countryside, Calvin and his lovely companions seek to answer the age old question: "Does the smell of pig **it lift, or does it stay on the ground?"

3. Dressing to impress

Calvin visits Savile Row in London to buy Ozwald Boateng's signature purple suit.

2. Calvin being Calvin

Here's how Calvin Ayre introduces this video clip on his blog:

"Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely go anywhere without a video camera in tow (thanks to Fawn, who keeps my schedule full and likes to get everything documented.) Despite the popular belief that I just like the look of my own face, I actually barely ever see any of the footage unless it ends up on one of the Bodog TV shows. My editors must have gotten bored one day and so they whipped up this little montage of me doin' what I do best. It made me laugh. Check it out."

1. Calvin Ayre Foundation

Part of Calvin's retirement plans includes focusing more attention on the work of the Calvin Ayre Foundation. Here's a look at how the foundation recently helped a school in Antigua make sure its students were getting nutritious food.

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