Webroute Services sponsoring Arabian Nights Beach Party

23 April 2008

This year's Arabian Nights Beach Party on the first night of CAP Spring Break promises to be an affair to remember. The affiliate program for Webroute Services is sponsoring the event and promising a great night.

"CAP Spring Break is all about the industry coming together and networking, establishing new contacts and generating new business whilst sipping cocktails by the pool and relaxing in the sun," said Yoni Sidi, CEO of Webroute Services. "We are absolutely delighted to once again be supporting CAP by hosting the first night party which is promising to be a fantastic night for all."

The beach party starts at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21 and is just a three-minute walk from CAP Spring Break's base camp, the Grand Resort in Limassol, Cyprus.

The private beach area will be an oasis of middle-eastern luxury decorated with tents, torches and candles, creating a fine balance between soft seclusion with low tables and plush red, gold and deep purple cushions, and lively 'meet and greet' spaces with high cocktail tables.

Free drinks will be available for the first two hours of the party. And live entertainment will come in the form of belly dancers and stunning hostesses in themed dress. A DJ will carry party goers into the early hours with exotic beach-side grooves.

So whether you want to ease into Cap Spring Break or "rev up", grab a strategic spot in the standing bar area, and get networking.

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