Bodog player strikes it rich after switch

28 October 2008

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Kelly J. of Calif. made the decision of a lifetime when she opted to switch up her routine, giving Bodog Casino's Caribbean Stud a go instead of her usual game, Let 'Em Ride. Just three hands into her first round of Caribbean Stud she struck gold, and lots of it. Opting to throw an extra dollar into the mix for a shot at the progressive jackpot turned out to be the best investment she has ever made as she watched in total disbelief as she was dealt the mother of all hands, a Royal Flush. Even though the dealer didn't qualify, that extra dollar qualified her for the progressive jackpot, which won her a whopping $141,000!

Bodog Beat had a chance to chat with Kelly and it was clear she was not only elated, but still in complete shock. "I just couldn't believe it until I woke up the next morning and Bodog called me. And then it was like, oh wow, that really happened. I was in just absolute utter shock." The big win couldn't have come at a better time for Kelly, who said, "I feel blessed. It's one of those things that happens to you and it really changes your life in the most profound way. You know, there were certain things that I wanted to take care of but couldn't and then suddenly this happens and it really... it really changed my life." Kelly also has plans to put the money to good use. "I'm going to pay some bills and I've got a sick friend and they were needing some money and I wasn't able to come up with it and all of a sudden I feel like I can help them." The Bodog Casino veteran added, "I play at various different online casinos and when it happened I remember thinking, 'Thank God it was Bodog.' Because it's the only one I feel like, yeah they're definitely going to pay this out. It's not like they are all of a sudden going to be gone tomorrow. And I've got friends who gamble online and I told them, 'You've got to stop doing anything except with Bodog because you can trust them.'"

Joining Kelly in the winners circle is a veritable army of recent Bodog Casino winners: Zachary M. hit a massive $159,000 Let 'Em Ride progressive jackpot in Sept., Adrian P. – one of Bodog Casino's all time biggest winners – added another $28,960 in Jacks or Better to his previous staggering video poker score of over $1 mil., Ryan F. took down $19,943 in Blackjack, Keith S. cashed in a $21,549 win in Red Sands video slots, Clint H. racked up $22,502 playing Blackjack and Craps and many others struck pay dirt in the Bodog Casino.

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