Income Access extends survey deadline

14 January 2009

MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- The market leader in affiliate marketing solutions for the iGaming industry, Income Access , is extending its affiliate marketing survey until January 16th, 2009. The survey collects information on iGaming affiliates and their preferences. Income Access has been donating one dollar to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation ( for every survey completed, and hopes to raise even more funds for the foundation with this extension.

The short survey can be completed online here. Once the data has been compiled an executive summary will be made available to all respondents.

The affiliate marketing survey will measure how affiliates market their portals, gather analytics, and keep up-to-date with best practices. The survey will also address how affiliates interact with new brands, collect information from the industry and the type of compensation models that they prefer to work with.

"We are delighted with the response rate from our affiliates" said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "In order to maximize the benefit to the OLPC Foundation, we've decided to extend the deadline to raise enough funds to purchase an additional laptop".

By completing the survey, will help bring education to children in some of the world's most remote areas. The OLPC foundation promotes the idea that the laptops connect children "to each other, to hope, and to a better future". The XO laptop, which was designed especially for children, has a rugged plastic exterior, built-in wireless, a unique dual mode display and software designed to help encourage exploration, creativity, and collaboration.

This survey follows-up on the July 2008 survey. In addition to gathering information on what support affiliates need most to succeed, it aims to document how the needs evolve alongside the industry. The July survey received a 72.3% response rate, and an executive summary of the results was distributed to participants.