Income Access releases reporting API

27 July 2009

MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- To offer affiliates more flexible reporting, Income Access has now released a reporting API for affiliates. The affiliate API is a data management tool that will allow affiliates to securely and automatically integrate their reports into other, third party platforms. This feature will save affiliate's time on administrative tasks, and help them better optimize their online marketing campaigns.

The benefit of this new API is that users can quickly and securely access 4 predefined reports (including quick summary, player report, earnings report and PPC keyword/rakeback report) , without logging into the Income Access system. This way the data can be directly integrated and accessed through users' in-house CRM tools, affording them a new level of flexibility.

With a data feed available in XML or CSV these reports can be adapted to the specific data and business needs of each affiliate. The reporting API tool will allow affiliates to obtain in-depth tracking reports without having to login to their affiliate account. Affiliates will then be able to better understand and optimize the performance of their campaigns in less time.

"At Income Access, we strive to build solutions that meet the unique business needs of our partners," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "Through this new API, affiliates working with the Income Access software will be able to access a range of data in the format they require, making it easier for them to identify where their strengths are in the referral process. This will help them focus on targeting players that convert at a higher rate."

The Income Access affiliate marketing software also includes a range of other features that support affiliates in optimizing their online marketing efforts. Graphical reporting provides affiliates with access to critical analytics at a glance, and an advanced user interface helps them drill-down for more in-depth intelligence on campaign performance.

Affiliates also enjoy a range of advanced PPC tracking tools that help them track the lifetime value of each new player. Through the Income Access Affiliate Custom Tracking tools, users can track how well certain keywords convert in a referral, and measure the lifetime value of players coming through on different keywords.

In addition to powering the Income Access affiliate network, the Income Access affiliate marketing software is also available for white labelling. Completely brandable and customizable, it allows iGaming operators to create an affiliate marketing experience that reflects their own brand.

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