Income Access offers customized reporting API

29 September 2009

MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- The Income Access software now offers operators advance API features that allow them to pull affiliate reports without logging in. This API benefits both members of the Income Access affiliate network and operators licensing the Income Access software to power standalone affiliate programs.

The benefit of this API is that operators and their affiliate program managers can securely pull 11 predefined reports without logging into the Income Access system. This way the data can be directly integrated with, and accessed through, their in house CRM tools, offering operators a new level of flexibility.

This data can also be transferred through either in a CSV file or an XML file. Different reports available through the API includes 4 earnings reports, 2 player account reports, 2 player registrations reports, and several others.

"At Income Access, customizing the software to meet the unique business needs of our clients is at the forefront of our philosophy," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "Through this API tool, our partners can access their reporting more easily and integrate this information into other systems they work with as to better suit their needs."

Part of the latest version 4.0 of the Income Access software, this API tool is accompanied by a number of other advanced tracking and marketing features. The software interface also offers affiliates and operators access to critical analytics at a glance, giving them all the information they need at their fingertips.

Marketing tools include PPC tracking tools that allow users to track the performance of their Google Adwords. In addition to tracking how well specific keywords convert, these tools also provide users with a range of detailed tracking reports on the players, deposits and revenue being generated by each Adwords advert. Users can then view PPC reports compared against players and find out which types of players are coming through on which keywords.

Users of the Income Access software also continue to enjoy other features, such as in-depth tracking reports, advanced program management and communications tools, and flexible commission structures. Along with the new graphical reports and PPC tools, the API reporting features offer operators a distinct advantage in optimizing their affiliate program management.

In addition to offering the software as a customizable white label solution, Income Access welcomes operators into the Income Access affiliate network itself.

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