David Coulthard appointed as ambassador to Jetbull

6 November 2009

(PRESS RELEASE) -- David Coulthard has become an ambassador to leading on-line gaming company, offering tips and advice to those who wish to bet on various sports including the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

A cool head, steady nerves, a willingness to take a calculated risk with the chance of high rewards at the end of it: these are qualities that apply to both Formula 1 racing drivers and gamblers and, as a former F1 star, a winner of 13 Grand Prix races and a resident of Monaco, famous for its race track and its Casino, Coulthard is the ideal person to help promote's growth in Europe.

"I find Jetbull's business exciting and their enthusiasm infectious, which is why I have agreed to join them as an ambassador," commented Coulthard. " is a rising star in the online gaming world and I am going to be sharing my betting tips with its customers. In tennis, there are only two players, so you have a 50 % chance of guessing the winner. By contrast, in Formula 1 there are twenty drivers and there are other factors involved. To be successful you need to monitor trends, understand which teams are moving forward and what race tracks suit a particular car or driver. It's a very complex matter," said David Coulthard.

"We are really happy to have David on board," said Sandra Barton, COO at "It is an honour for us to work with such a high profile sportsman and we believe that through the global popularity of Formula 1, he is the ideal man to help us continue and support our growth throughout Europe. David will provide our customers with his betting tips and some of our lucky customers will also get the opportunity to meet this sports legend face to face," Barton added.

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