Right2Bet launches charity betting challenge


(PRESS RELEASE) -- Hot on the heels of the Right2bet campaign to liberalise the European Union's gambling laws comes the Right2bet Charity 'betting challenge', which offers an interesting insight into the differences between State and private gambling operators and the value they offer to customers.

The challenge involves the campaign placing 10 'bets' on various football matches, with the prices offered by three operators: a 'best priced' commercial operator, the Dutch gambling monopoly De Lotto, and the French state-owned Francaise des Jeux. The difference in the winnings between the commercial and state owned companies is then given to charity, hitting home the message that the previously prohibited commercial operators offer the best value to customers on the European mainland.

The first round of matches kicked off last week, with the north London derby between Arsenal and Spurs earning the first few Euros in the Charity kitty. The campaign, which is now available in 15 languages, is gearing up to be the first million signature petition to qualify for the Lisbon Treaty's 'Citizen's Initiative', which pushes any such issue to the front of the queue for debate in the E.U parliament.

The Campaign is also holding its own 'Poetry Corner', with various entries from around Europe lamenting the difficulties customers face placing bets in the E.U. There is also a regularly updated blog, offering news about the progress of the campaign. You can add your name to the list of signatures at

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