Nordic Gaming Group partners with Moneybookers

17 May 2010

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Nordic Gaming Group, owner of the NordicBet, TrioBet and Tobet online gaming brands, has concluded a partnership contract with the leading online payment provider Moneybookers whereby NGG affiliates will be given a share of the revenues from new Moneybookers referrals.

Under the arrangement, affiliates will be paid 30% for the first 3 months of the Moneybookers revenue for every deposit a player makes with Moneybookers, after the first 3 months it will revert to 20%. The payment will be additional to other affiliate revenues paid by NGG, which means that NGG affiliates can now earn twice on their referrals Affiliates will not only earn Moneybookers revenue share on deposits to Nordic Gaming, but also to other e-Commerce merchants like Skype. Moneybookers revenue share is paid out on a daily basis.

"This is pretty huge. We are one of the first to offer this deal, and we're definitely the first to offer it in our core markets," said Shaun O'Neill, NGG's Affiliate Manager.

The Moneybookers Affiliate Programme, under which the agreement was concluded, effectively makes Moneybookers and merchants partners in increasing the revenue share for affiliates for the kind of exposure that affiliates can offer. Moneybookers has additional benefits to offer to affiliates that receive their NGG commissions in their Moneybookers account, like immediate access to funds through ATM's and points of sales in, e.g. shops and restaurants.

O'Neill said he believed the deal would give a further boost to NGGs already successful affiliate program.

"It's a great chance for us to add new affiliates and really give our current affiliates an incentive to push us even harder," he said.

He said that the arrangement would benefit all three parties, increasing revenues for affiliates and encouraging them to drive more players towards NGG and Moneybookers services.

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