Bodog Europe looking for IT help

16 July 2010

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Bodog Europe are actively looking for egaming IT hot shots to launch a unique team of the best Research & Development brains in order to create an unrivalled online gambling experience.

How many great ideas have you had that never came to fruition because management didn't understand it or you had to wait til the annual presentations to get heard. This won't happen at Bodog Europe – an idea can be approved and started on the same day. No waiting for the bi-annual submission date to present to a bunch of suits who have never had a bet or played a hand of poker in their lives.

Bodog Europe's newly-appointed CTO, AJ Thompson, stated: "Extracting R&D from our already extensive product development roadmaps will allow us to bring new ideas thru proof of concept and into market in rapid fashion; one thing is for certain, we're not short of new ideas!"

We want to assemble the best team in the industry to further stamp Bodog as the biggest online gambling brand in the world – and that's not just PR bullshit, it's a fact:

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