Genting Poker giving away $5,000 Vegas package

4 April 2011

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Genting Poker has loads of fantastic $5,000 Las Vegas packages up for grabs!

Each package consists of:

• Early July 2010
• Seven nights hotel accommodation in The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas
• Breakfast each morning
• Spending Money for flights, transport, and whatever else takes your fancy ($3200)
• Plus some rather cool activities!

Six Great Ways to win a $5,000 Package

1. Online Rake Chase

Our superb April and May Rake chase (no opt in necessary) will result in every player who generates over $15,000 in rake & tournaments fees, receiving a Las Vegas Package worth $5,000! It doesn’t matter how many players reach this criteria, every player over $15,000 will win the package!

And that’s not all, if you generate more than $15,000 in Rake & Fees, you’ll earn even more!

Plus....if you finish in the Top 10 of the table, you’ll get extra prizes!

• Las Vegas Package as per the description at the top of the page.
• Palm Beach Big Game takes place on 1st Monday of each month, and package consists of £1000 + £80 for seat, plus £420 spending money
• Online Poker Tournament entries, you tell us what tournaments you wish to enter, and we’ll put the appropriate tokens into your account.
• Race starts on Monday 4th April and runs to Sunday 15th May 2010

2. Win a Big One with Genting

Play in one of the big network tournaments between Monday 4th April and Sunday 15th May with Genting Poker (and associated rooms) and if you win it, we’ll add one of our superb Las Vegas Packages to your prize!

If you are a regular player in these great tournament, or fancy a shot at a big payday, it makes sense to play with us!

If you win one, with us, simply email us at and once we verify your claim, we’ll confirm your extra prize!

3. Extra Jackpot on Jackpot Sit N Gos

Our Maui, Rio and Fort Knox Jackpot Sit N Gos pay a superb bonus for winning 5 or 6 tournaments in a row. Last year a Genting Poker player scooped $140,000 for winning 6 Fort Knox Sit N Gos on the bounce!

Any Genting Poker, or associated poker room player who wins 5 Maui Jackpot SNGs or 6 Rio or Fort Knox Jackpot SNGs in a row, and therefore wins the jackpot, will also receive a Las Vegas Package worth $5,000 on top! This promotion runs from Monday 4th April to Sunday 15th May 2011

Each of the Jackpot SNGs are 6 seater tables and run continuously.

4. Live Event – Las Vegas Last Longest

We are offering 2 Las Vegas Packages for the ‘online’ player who lasts longest at each of the following tournaments:

Stoke 150 – Sun 1st May 2011
Salford 200 – Sat 7th & Sun 8th May 2011

By ‘online’ player we mean a player who has qualified or bought in online. As an ‘online’ player you will be clearly identified, so you can easily see how many players are left in your Vegas Package Last Longest group.

So buy in or qualify online, and you could be in line for a fantastic $5,000 Las Vegas Package....even if you don’t win the tournament!

5. Live Tournament – Players Playoff

We have 3 x Las Vegas Packages up for grabs exclusively for our live players in any of our live clubs.

Simply play in any live poker tournament in our clubs between 18th April and 31st May, and you will receive an invitation to enter our online Las Vegas Mega Chance qualifier, where the top 3 will win a $5,000 Las Vegas Package.

Only 1 entry per player.

Online Qualifier will take place at 7pm on Friday 3rd June 2011.

6.Extra Value for the Palm Beach Big Game

The Palm Beach Big Game is the biggest monthly poker tournament in the UK, with a buy in of £1000 + £80. It takes place on the first Monday of every month, and is hosted in probably the best casino poker room in the UK, the fabulous Palm Beach Casino, in Mayfair, London.

On Monday 2nd May 2011, we will be hosting an extra special Palm Beach Big Game.

The usual £1000 + £80 buy in will apply, and we expect the prize pool to reach £100,000 with 100 runners, in addition to this superb prize pool, we are adding two opportunities to win a $5,000 Las Vegas Package.

Win it. The winner of the May Big Game will receive, courtesy of Genting, a fabulous $5,000 Las Vegas Package.

Kill the Bounty. Our bounty player XXXXXXX will be taking part in the big game, the player who eliminates him, will receive the second Las Vegas Package worth $5,000. In the event of one player winning the Big Game and eliminating the Bounty, they will win 2 packages, and can do whatever they wish with the second package.

Both prizes are added value, which means Genting is adding $10,000 of value to this already superb poker tournament.

What happens if...

• The bounty is eliminated by the player who wins the Big Game? The player will win 2 x packages and can transfer the second to whoever they wish.
• The bounty player winning some cash? The bounty cannot win any money, so the cash payouts will be made to other players, if he finishes 5th for example, 6th place will win the 5th place prize.
• The bounty player wins the Big Game? The second placed player will win the first prize and the Las Vegas Package, the remaining Las Vegas Package will be rolled over and awarded to the winner of June’s Big Game.

So to recap, there are 6 great ways to win a $5,000 Las Vegas Package.

• Online Rake Chase – generate over $15,000 in rake & fees, and you’ll receive a Vegas Package – unlimited packages available
• Win a Big One with Genting – win one of our big 9 online poker tournaments, and we’ll give you a Vegas Package on top! – unlimited packages available
• Extra jackpot on Jackpot Sit N Gos – Win the Jackpot on our Jackpot Sit N Gos and we’ll give you a Vegas Package on top! – unlimited packages available
• Live Event Last Longest – for the ‘online’ payer who lasts longest
• Live Event Players Playoff – Online playoff for live players
• Extra Value in May’s Palm Beach Big Game – either win the Big Game, or knock out the bounty player and win a Vegas Package!

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