Bodog Poker makes debut in Asia

6 March 2012

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Since the Bodog Network launched their Recreational Poker Model last year the poker industry steadily changed the type of player it seeks to attract to its tables. Almost immediately other poker rooms changed their rakeback structure, Microgaming upped the number of anonymous tables it offered and also made all Heads-Up tables anonymous. Most recently PokerStars introduced the casual-player friendly ‘Zoom Poker’ to their product suite.

Having started this movement the Bodog Poker Network is now looking to broaden its horizons and is now available in Asia via Bodog88.

The all-site anonymous tables, unique to the Bodog Network, stops poker pros accessing any data on how you play your game via the use of HUDs and other data mining sites. This feature makes the Bodog Poker Network the fairest place to enjoy poker online...a factor that Bodog88 believe will prove significant in the Asian market.

Robert Gustafsson, Managing Director of Bodog88, explained: “Poker is still in its infancy in Asia but the Bodog product is totally in line with how Asian players think: Trust is vital. This is why they only use Live Dealer casinos over the more common RNG casino in Europe. I can see anonymous tables making a similar impact over here.”

Jonas Odman, VP of the Bodog Poker Network, commented: “Adding Bodog88 to the Network will not only give us increased liquidity but also a chance to market our product to a new audience who haven’t been clouded by those looking to protect the existing status quo of the few taking from the many.”

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