MidSummer Bingo tournament at Bingo Hall

7 June 2013

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Ready for a Shakespearean adventure? At Bingo Hall, the scene is set for offering you a true midsummer night’s dream. Join this month’s tournament - The MidSummer Bingo - gather the special patterns featured in each room and the more points you have, the more chances at winning! Your persistence will be rewarded with one of the following prizes:
1st place: $1,500 CASH
2nd place: Garden Pool
3rd place: Hammock Chair
4st place: Water Cooler
5th place: $100 bonus
The excitement starts with the special patterns we will be featuring in our rooms, as each pattern won stands for a certain number of points:
Sun pattern - Dollar Room - 30 points
Wave - Quarter Room - 20 points
Star - Fair and Square Room - 15 points
Picnic - Desperate Housewives - 10 points
Lightning - Crazy Room - 5 points
Kite - Nickels Room - 5 points

Also, every deposit counts towards the Tournament points like so:
Deposit $250 or more - 200 points
Deposit between $150 and $240 - 100 points
Deposit between $50 and $140 - 50 points

Gather most points and you could win one of the following prizes:
1st place: $1,500 CASH
2nd place: Garden Pool
3rd place: Hammock Chair
4th place: Water Cooler
5th place: $100 bonus

Latest winners
Huge Prizes on Bingo Hall, a colossal amount worth a grand total of $111,980 was won by anthoneepark in their Dollar Room, and we are more than happy for him and willing to share his success story with you!
We have managed to get him to answer a few of our questions, although he was more than just shocked! He stated that he never managed to win more than a mere $250 as he didn’t use to play that much! Now, when he realized that this huge amount was actually his, he stated that “It is absolutely incredible to see my name next to the grand prize!”
His fellow players were just as stunned as he was, as they kept congratulating him for minutes after that.
anthoneepark first started playing when the jackpot was worth $54,000, he declared that it was his passion and determination that have helped him win, just like the Latin motto - Perseverantes vincent.Well, indeed it seems like people who persevere will be victorious in the end!
When asked what he wishes to do with the winning amount, anthoneepark states that he will pay off his student debt and afterwards go on a romantic vacation with his girlfriend - preoccupied by studies and a sensitive guy - seems like he really deserved to win, right?
With these being said, we think it is more than obvious that absolutely anyone can win at, as they constantly provide you with all the winning chances you need, as long as you bring your passion and determination along with you!

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