Innovative Yeti Hunt i3D video slot latest release from BetOnSoft

30 July 2013

(PRESS RELEASE) -- BetOnSoft, leading providers of premium online gaming, casino software and turnkey solutions to the online gaming industry, announces the release of its exciting new video slot game Yeti Hunt i3D.

Following on from the company’s first isometric installment, the popular Arcadia i3D, Yeti Hunt i3D is the next offering in this inventive line.

Players are transported to a winter wilderness where they join a couple of bumbling news reporters who are trying to find evidence of the elusive and infamous yeti. Along the way they meet a rescue dog called Skyler, a character based on the real life pet of one of BetOnSoft’s competition winners, who won the chance to feature in a game.

That unique quirk is just one of a host of cool features that will mark Yeti Hunt i3D as one of the most innovative slot games in the market. The high-quality graphics, realistic animations and audio give the environment and wintry theme an organic feel.

Yeti Hunt i3D is a nine-line, 45-coin slot and fans playing will need to watch out for the Yeti Random Wild which will turn a symbol into a wild for that spin, while the appearance of the News Van symbol activates free spin features.

The game can be played at any of BetOnSoft’s 18 online casinos.

Tom Burke, Creative Lead on the product, said: “Yeti Hunt i3D is the second game to be released from our suite of innovative i3D (isometric 3D) titles. With this game we have created an engaging and fun group of characters within an imaginative environment and a very accessible narrative. Yeti Hunt i3D features a more traditional game personality, that will give our players a sense of familiarity and a great risk/reward experience.

“The game embodies a harmonious mix of fantastic new technology, funky graphics and engaging gameplay.”

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