Blackjack player at Gorilla Casino wins $50,000

24 November 2014

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The new trend in online casino industry is that of recreational players; those who play online only as a hobby. But there is still a sizeable population of players who play for the love of the game and it is an amazing feeling when a loyal player wins a handsome hand at his favorite casino game. And who would know this better than Charles R. Matthews of Stanford? An amateur Blackjack player, the man has just come away with a reward of $50,000 while playing Blackjack at the recently launched Gorilla Casino.

When asked about his win, Matthews chalked it up to having an incredibly lucky day at the cards. He started playing at Gorilla Casino last Saturday, tempted by the promise of a $150 Special Weekend bonus for all Blackjack players. The casino also has a 20% cash back offer valid for a 48 hour period after registration, and this was enough to put Matthews in the mood for a game of lucky 21 at the new casino. Was he worried that the experience at a new site would not be worth the money? Actually, Matthews says he had the best time at the casino. He started out tentatively like every other new player and spent the first day playing a few reel slots. His experience on the first day of his signing up had been great, but he had not been able to check out the casino's card games yet. So the very next day, he came back for a shot at the card games and ended up becoming one of the first major winners at the months-old casino. Matthews will be suing some of the money he has earned to pay the mortgage on his home, but he definitely plans to come back and play a few more rounds of Blackjack at Gorilla Casino.

Launched earlier in 2014, Gorilla Casino is fast becoming the latest gambling sensation with its amazing list of slots, card games, 3-D games, and progressives. Not only that, the casino is going all out to woo players with lucrative offers and promotions. The Blackjack Weekend Bonus award of $150 (on the house mind you!) for every $2,000 is a must try for all Blackjack fans. It is what got Matthews his half a million dollars, after all!

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