BC.Game offers very own NFT

21 June 2022

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Welcome to the Degenverse. With NFTs' and the Metaverse becoming a part of daily lives, BC.Game has taken the initiative and now offers its own NFT - Degen Pass.

A Degen Pass is a collection of 1777 genesis assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The pass is an entry into the Degenverse ecosystem and its portfolio of casinos. The added advantage for pass holders is that you get custom perks inside the BC.Game platform, including mystery airdrops and early access to a DeFi betting app.

There will be a private sale for whitelisted members and an open sale for the general public! During whitelist sales, each wallet can mint 1 Degen Pass.

There will also be a 6.5% royalty on secondary marketplaces. 70% of secondary royalties will go into building the project and further development.

Degen Pass holders will have the Metaverse at their feet. The advantages of holding a Degen's pass are immeasurable. Here are just a few:
1. Massive perks inside BC.GAME includes a unique avatar, Degenback Rewards, and a share of available jackpots on the site.
2. Genesis owners will get guaranteed mystery airdrops.
3. Access to Degenverse and a VIP permit to our partner casinos.
4. Decentralized betting app.

That's just for starters. There will always be new exciting offers with BC.GAMES' innovative thinking.

There are three ways to get your very own Degen Pass.
1. Wager in Doggy Miner Slots
2. Secure a Top 10 position in the Big Bang Event
3. Join in social activities and giveaways on Discord, Twitter, and the BC Game forum.

Degen Passes can appear on these slots, which is your opportunity to grab your pass.

BC.Game's latest big win opportunity offers the crypto player a $2,000,000 prize pool.

When the universe started, it was called The Big Bang, and now Degenverse is experiencing its own explosion into existence. Join in on the creation of a brand new Degenverse.

By participating, you can be in with a chance to get your own Degen Pass and the BCD prize pool. The bigger your Big Bang Coin, the bigger your prize.

To get even more skin in the game and more chances to get whitelist spots, follow all their channels, including Discord, Twitter, forums, and other up-to-date socials.

BC.Game, a leading crypto casino, is navigating toward an era where people can access the Metaverse anytime, interact with gambling platforms, and win NFTs and crypto.

The aim is to revolutionize iGaming in Web3 by creating an immersive, customized digital world for people and businesses alike. So make sure you are on board.

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