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Hi, my name is Jerome and I am new to this website. I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing within the iGaming and online poker industry. My background is in graphic and web design. So I've got that part down. What I'm hoping to learn more about is how to gain more qualified leads towards my website. I have read quite a bit of articles and resources on SEO and online marketing. I hope to apply that to my poker site that I have just recently started. I recently graduated from university where I studied graphic design. How I got into affiliate marketing was just by chance. We had a school project where were required to create an online portal. So that was my first foray into creating website. From there I was eager to learn more about what makes a website, well, to put it in a simpler term, a functioning and money making website. That's where I learned either you have to sell something, or direct traffic to a third party, and if someone buys something, you get a cut of the commission. So I started an online store, after spending months on it, I finally managed to get some sales. I wanted to learn how to drive more traffic to my site and that's how I stumbled upon articles on SEO and PPC. Being a broke student, I felt that SEO was a better option since it was basically free traffic as long as I am willing to put the time in to create links and valuable contents. Fast forward a year later, I lost interest in the e-commerce business model. I was only interested in driving traffic to my site and providing valuable contents and pushing those traffic to the right advertisers. After setting up a few small affiliate websites (which all didn't do well at all), I stopped everything I did to recollect my thoughts and de-clutter my mind to cut out all the noises. So here I am now, putting in new effort into affiliate marketing within the poker industry. Hopefully, by being a member of GPWA, I am able to get some guidance from fellow members who have succeeded in their quest for online income. Thanks for reading, Regards, Jerome