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Acmelight Company proposes the unique paste GlassMat for the chemical etching (frosting) of glass, glassware and mirrors. This new unique technology allows to carry out the qualified personalization of any glass. Glassware for hotels and restaurants, prestigious awards, design of shop showcases and mirrors, numbers on the car glasses and etc. The liquid GlassMat is used for glass surfaces of uneven or round shape. The paste GlassMat is of multiple usage, and non-toxic. The frosted surface has a fine-grained, silky surface. The process of the frosting does not require an expensive equipment. We also propose self-luminous paints and polishes AcmeLight for glass, metal, concrete, textile, fresh flowers, film ORACAL, plastics, cardboard and etc. The particularity of our paints is their ability to lighten at the darkness without additional light source during 13 hours. For more detailed information We are for Partners for the organization of the Dealers network. “AcmeLight” company is the Ukrainian producer of luminous paints, which are manufactured on a basis of the phosphor. It has a constant effect of the afterglow at the darkness during 10-14 hours. Luminous paint Acmelight is the unique painting composition, which allows to create images on metal and glass surfaces, on wood, plastics and concrete. Due to it, it is possible to print the fluorescent image on a T-Shirt or to decorate showcase of the shop, and it will attract the attention with the help of deep glow of one or a few colors on the onset of the darkness: green, purple, red, blue or yellow. Effect of the paint is based on the phosphor ability, included in its composition, to accumulate the energy of the light, and then, to radiate it for a sufficiently long period of time. For the Object, painted with the fluorescent paint, to begin glowing at the darkness, natural recharge is enough: i.e. it should be at the natural or artificial light for a definite period of time. AcmeLight Company is the Ukrainian producer of Glow in the dark, invisible UV Light paints, which are manufactured on a basis of luminophor. Glow paint Acmelight is the unique painting composition, which allows create glowing in the darkness images on metal and glass surfaces, on wood, plastics and concrete, body, textile. We propose to all enterprises, entrepreneurs and private entrepreneurs, dealing with the outdoor advertisement, and different signs production, souvenirs production, glassware and Christmas ornaments, auto-tuning services and marking of different signs services to become our Dealers or Customers. We also propose Glow in the dark photo luminescent safety signs for producer prices!!! You can realize all your designing and decorating projects with the help of our Glow in the dark products. We propose high- qualified luminescent and fluorescent paints for any kind of surfaces. Glow in the dark safety signs do not require operation costs. Make your life safer!!! Low prices, wide range of products, quick delivery all around the world. Our glow in the dark paints and products are completely environment friendly and do not contain any prohibited ingredients. The best solution of decoration and designing for night clubs, restaurants, discos, pubs, bars, bowling centres. You can use our paints for body art and auto-tuning. Make you life brighter! We are looking for Agents to open representative offices on profitable terms. Please, visit our site and learn more about the Product: Skype - acmelightcompany ICQ - 583216294 You can get more detailed information, connecting us. AcmeLight Company