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Angelina Florescu
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What should you do to find yourself? Keep searching. That's exactly what I had been doing before joined King Billy and finally exhaled with relief. Being a philologist, I tried myself in teaching (wasn't my passion); then I was an office-manager (ok, but not super amusing); then there was a model agency, where I worked as a model booker (much better but I lost my interest in some time). And finally, I entered the Kingdom and knew right away this would be something totally different. I started as a CSR and that's where I got acquainted with gambling. I learned everything about the players, their preferences and expectations. Having mastered this position, I became a QA manager, where I was teaching other CSRs and analyzing their work. This helped me to develop my critical thinking and improve communication skills. And that's when I reached my destination point - Affiliate Department. That's where I can use all my previously acquired knowledge and skills. That's the position, where I never get bored or tired. If you have any questions regarding our casino, I am always ready to help you. You can text me here or drop me a line in Skype - Angelina King Billy. I am fully open for any discussion! Oh, yes, I love movies, music, dogs, long conversations, theaters, and city walks :)