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Everest gets down at the WSOP
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 10, September 2009
Rebecca Liggero provides an in-depth look of the Everest Poker presence at the World Series of Poker, with plenty of pictures of the party atmosphere.

Calvin's back
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 10, September 2009
Calvin Ayre, who famously "retired" from ruling an online gaming empire, is back ... and this time it's all about branding. Ayre shares his vision and plans for the future with Rebecca Liggero.

Interview with Keith McDonnell, Managing Director, Bodog Europe
Interview with Keith McDonnell
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 10, September 2009
Keith McDonnell talks about Bodog’s plans in Europe, its geotargeting system, the Bodog Poker Network and how the brand’s plans will impact affiliates.

Interview with Alwyn Morris, CEO, Morris Mohawk Gaming Group
Interview with Alwyn Morris
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 10, September 2009
Alwyn Morris opens up about his Olympic medals — including one gold — at the 1984 Olympics, how he met Calvin Ayre and why licensing the Bodog Brand was the best way forward for the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group.

Interview with Ian Dunning, Managing Director, Haydock Entertainment
Interview with Ian Dunning
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 10, September 2009
Ian Dunning heads Haydock Entertainment,’s Asia-facing brand licensee ( He says the Asian market is huge and companies need to focus on a particular area and do it well in order to succeed.

Welcome to the world of VIPs
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 8, April 2009
Rebecca shows off how much fun she has with her friends -- and talks about how you can become her friend, too.

2008 GPWA superlatives
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 6, September 2008
Rebecca recognizes several affiliates in a high-school-yearbook-inspired way.

Rebecca's top-10 characters in online poker
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 5, May 2008
Want to know who the biggest characters in the online poker affiliate marketing world are? Look no further than Rebecca's top 10 list.

Rebecca's 10 favorite GPWA personalities
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 2, October 2007
It's easy to love a lot of people in an industry full of dynamic, fun and passionate personalities.

The power of good relationships...
By Rebecca Liggero (BeckyCA)  - Issue 1, May 2007
The GPWA's Rebecca Liggero gives affiliates and affiliate programs alike four tips for success in the online gambling world.