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First off my name is Bryan. I have been betting on sports for a number of years, and I have been winning money consistently for a few years now. I am an avid sports fan and hockey fan. I am from Canada, and like you would expect I grew up playing and watching hockey religiously like the majority of Canadian boys. NHL is one of my favorite sports to handicap, as I believe it is one of the easiest sports to pull in a profit from. If you followed me in the 2010-2011 season (my first year going public with my NHL picks) you would have enjoy a ton of profits with me. I turned in over +41% ROI on my bankroll throughout the season, betting fairly conservatively. I have a pretty big and loyal following for my NHL picks, mainly because I give out winning picks, but also because I am an honest and trusted handicapper. I display my record for everyone to see, as I have nothing to hide (winning bettors shouldn’t have anything to hide). Along with NHL picks, I also post my NFL Betting Picks and my MLB picks as well on separate blogs. NHL, MLB and NFL are my main three sports. Being self employed allows me to devote 95% to my handicapping, and I absolutely love it. My office is set up with a big Imac computer (dual monitors), my iPad, iPhone, and my flat screen.
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