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I started out in online gaming about a year ago. I used to be quite a successful recruitment consultant in a niche sector, and after meeting a casino affiliate, I really saw a huge opportunity. At present I'm a partner in a company called ERA Media and we set up websites for people that want an internet business, stuff like casino blogs, incentive websites, auction sites and social networking sites. I become a father in 2010 and I'm due to become a Dad again in 2011!! I'm an amateur musician, and I used to be the guitarist for a hard rock outfit in rainy Milton Keynes. Absolutely love travelling, I went to run a Safari Lodge called Ndhovu Safari Lodge in the Caprivi Strip of Namibia when I was in my early 20's and ever since then I feel the need to go to as many places as possible before I die. I have a huge passion for cars, although I stupidly lost my licence in 2009 after spanking my dream car whilst drunk on my 29th Birthday..... I never wanted to celebrate my birthday again after that, but the following year my son Tyler was born on my 30th, so in a way I got my wish! Now I'll only really celebrate his birthday! As they say... be careful what you wish for! I'm interested in meeting new people in the online gaming community so I decided to create a social networking site specifically for this industry, and I hope that it is well recieved.