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Well it is going on 1 year since I had this crazy idea called PIC-CLUB. We have had our ups and downs distracters and nay-sayers but here we are still going strong and getting ready to make our mark in the world of poker. I sure have learned a lot about the gaming industry in fact it has been one heck of an education. Learning to be an international banker an international trader and a money processor and to learn the gaming industry has confirmed 1 thing for sure. PEOPLE JUST WANT TO PLAY POKER. In fact they are going to play poker online no matter what they have to do. So from a simple idea came a complex solution to the problem created by the UIEGA that our government passed as a way to stop the U. S. citizens from playing poker. Why not build a poker playing business and make the ownership of it available to everyone? Seemed like a crazy idea at first but it began to take hold and once it had passed the legal issues USPPINC was born and from this came the PIC-CLUB. People are from all around this world are beginning to recognize the value of the PIC-CLUB and that value is really pretty simple. It is our people, our staff that makes this work. From its very birth this company and I have been supported by a group of people that have refused to let this crazy idea of mine remain just an idea. What was that line from Field of Dreams? If you build it they will come. Well WE have built it and players from all over the world are now using our services. We are growing each day and getting stronger as our membership increases. Poker Rooms are beginning to take notice and we will be adding to our list of available Poker Rooms and funding options soon. So stay tuned and look for a regular update in this newsletter as we continue to evolve. I am not sure what is around the corner on this wild ride but hold on to your hats because I am as sure as Da-Ducks butt is water tight going to find out. Thanks for the support and good river cards to all. CharlieK Aka Da-Duck