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I started by playing online poker in 2005, received 1st mod position in March 2007, promoted to admin within a month, opened 1st site in May 2007 (yes a free site). Purchased the url in July 2007 and currently have website and poker forum. I learned html and bbc on my own and realize I still have a long, long way to go. As a forum administrator I truly take the members opinions and wishes in mind as I set up private games and search for offers to promote. Sometimes I think I do too much for people but that is my nature. I have no problem going toe to toe with a site that is being unfair to one of my players. I enjoy online poker, mostly hold'em, but I do dabble in Omaha, 7 card and of course H.O.R.S.E. I do play around with some casino games but mainly only to test the software as I am more into poker than slots and other casino games. I prefer the interaction with people that poker gives me. You will find me at the tables playing under the name of baechips or variations of it. I have found that being a webmaster has greatly reduced my time to play. You can read my GPWA Times interview here:

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