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Bridging the gap between land-based and online casinos
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 29, July 2014
While New Jersey's online gaming operators as a whole have been criticized for not doing enough to work with land-based Atlantic City casinos, these four brands have been cross-promoting away.

The historic comeback of online poker in the U.S. regulated markets
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 27, February 2014
In the wake of setbacks such as the UIGEA and Black Friday, several states have introduced or are moving to introduce legal, regulated online poker.

Using loyalty programs to increase player conversion and retention
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 26, October 2013
A well-designed, well-executed loyalty program can do a lot to keep players coming back to the same site.

The future of the poker ecology -- what affiliates have to say
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 24, April 2013
Balancing the "fish" and the "sharks" in a poker community can be difficult -- and has proven itself a highly controversial issue.

Poker affiliate marketing in 2013 and beyond
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 23, February 2013
The state of online poker is uncertain, and poker affiliates should be prepared for anything.

The art of the deal -- five tips for better negotiations with your affiliate manager
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 22, October 2012
Negotiating with an affiliate manager can be tricky, but these do's and don'ts can help affiliates avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Tips for monetizing your online gaming community
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 21, May 2012
An online community no longer strictly means forums, so making some revenue from it requires different techniques than it once did.

How important is brand recognition when choosing affiliate programs to work with?
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 20, March 2012
The role of brand recognition in affiliate marketing can be a tricky one for affiliates to navigate.

Five tips for choosing new poker affiliate programs to work with in 2012
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 19, February 2012
Black Friday has changed the landscape of working with poker affiliate programs. Here's how to navigate it.

Five diversification strategies for poker affiliates post Black Friday
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 18, October 2011
Black Friday hit many poker affiliates hard, but there are things you can do to protect your brand and your revenue stream.

Strategies for U.S. poker affiliates moving forward
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 17, September 2011
Black Friday created likely permanent changes in the U.S. online poker market, but there are still opportunities out there for U.S. poker affiliates.

Making the case for poker affiliate networks
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 15, January 2011
While there are certainly challenges to running a poker affiliate site, there are still plenty of opportunities to turn a profit.

Converting your poker affiliate traffic to depositing players
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 14, October 2010
Affiliates need more than cute graphics to build an online poker community in a competitive market.

Building a successful online poker community
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 13, June 2010
As Internet marketers continue to go social, community building remains a hot topic, but launching an online poker forum will not create an immediate cash cow.

Poker affiliate tips for success in 2010
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 12, April 2010
As competition among poker affiliates intensifies, it's becoming increasingly difficult to fast-track your success as a poker affiliate. Jeremy Enke gets advice right from the horse's mouth, a cadre of knowledgeable poker affiliates who were willing to offer words of wisdom on how to succeed in the crowded market.

Poker affiliates: 5 ways to fly right through economic turbulence
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 10, September 2009
The recent downswing in the global economy has taken its toll on the poker affiliate industry, but Jeremy Enke offers some advice on how poker affiliates can continue growing their businesses and increase monthly revenues during these difficult economic times.

Cashing in on the WSOP
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 9, June 2009
The lead-up to the annual World Series of Poker is a great chance for poker affiliates to cash in on converting new players looking for satellites.

The benefits of blogging for poker affiliates
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 8, April 2009
Blogging can help affiliates develop authority, exposure and a personal brand.

Avoiding the 8 common poker affiliate mistakes & pitfalls
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 7, January 2009
Breaking into the poker market is a competitive endeavor, so affiliates need to play smart.

Promoting online poker to a global audience
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 2, October 2007
Smart affiliates are taking advantage of the boom in online poker in eastern Europe, Germany, the Nordic regions and Russia.

Forums are your friends
By Jeremy Enke (Enke)  - Issue 1, May 2007
The benefits of being a member and participating in industry forums cannot be overstated.

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