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I got started in webmastery stuff when my daughter was born. I figured I needed a better way to provide for my kids' futures than just working 9 to 5. I'd been self-employed (as a vocal coach - no, really!) for 10 years, so that element doesn't worry me. I can always earn more, but I wanted to create an asset that would generate more income than piece-work. Tried my hand at financial affiliation (loans, IVAs etc) but there's too much competition to break into that market. Casino affiliation seemed perfect as I love gambling (for leisure) - whether casino or sports or just a game of cards with friends - and because of the restrictions on PPC (a real positive compared with financial affiliation) it gave me a more even platform from which to enter the market. And, to be honest, I love it! Although maintaining a website and having a full-time job and two young kids and a wife means that time can get a little stretched now and again! Fortunately, my wife understands! If I could, I'd do this 12 hours a day, then spend the other 12 with family and friends. And that's the plan...

This iGaming veteran went from part-time affiliate, to full-time affiliate, and then back to part-time in the last decade
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