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Gary Beal (aka. GaryTheScubaGuy) has been in the Search Engine Optimization field for 20 years. He attended Ohio State University in the US and holds a Masters Degree in Biometrics and Mathematical Statistics. Gary is currently the MD of The Vanguard Group based in Malta, with locations in the US, UK, Cyprus, Australia and the Maltese Islands. Companies include,, WebGenius.Tech (bespoke Social Media Software),,,, and Gary is considered an Industry Expert that widely shares detailed information about improving SERP's for Affiliate (free) and the Big 10 for Dating and Casino Industries. Check out the GPWA articles area for many SEO articles and Google for his trade-mark "Top 12 SEO Tips for 20xx", that are in most part, still in full effect. "We test everything we give away and pay dearly in time and finances monitoring search trends, testing them globally in 100+ languages and releasing the information FREE.," says Gary, "Why? I was a long-time Affiliate and know the relationship between most Affiliate/Operators, so I give everything we identify away free to Affiliates and let the big guys pay the big bucks. The integration/feedback we get is quicker and more reliable from Affiliates.". - GPWA Magazine

Top 12 SEO tips for 2013
By Gary Beal (GaryTheScubaGuy)  - Issue 23, February 2013
Affiliates should have a good content management system and know how to use it effectively.

Social media SEO -- Google's G+, +1 and SEO
By Gary Beal (GaryTheScubaGuy)  - Issue 19, February 2012
Google Plus provides an opportunity for affiliates to use social media marketing to improve their SEO.

Making the case for forex
By Gary Beal (GaryTheScubaGuy)  - Issue 16, May 2011
With relatively low competition and the ability to reach areas where gambling is not a popular activity, the forex market may be a lucrative place for affiliates to invest their resources.

12 top secret SEO tips
By Gary Beal (GaryTheScubaGuy)  - Issue 12, April 2010
Gary Beal offers a list of ways webmasters can get top rankings in Google, including some black hat SEO techniques that he does not condone.

Mobile SEO
By Gary Beal (GaryTheScubaGuy)  - Issue 11, January 2010
With projected growth for mobile search ad revenue, affiliates need to invest the time and money necessary to become mobile Web present and compliant.

Go global -- The markets are soft
By Gary Beal (GaryTheScubaGuy)  - Issue 10, September 2009
Affiliates should use geographical targeting to compete with the money and resources behind corporate SEO and PPC.