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The "Friend to the Village Idiot" celebrates 10 years at the helm
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 35, June 2016
The GPWA is celebrating 10 years under the leadership of Executive Director Michael Corfman. In our cover story for this issue, we look back on where we started, how we got where we are today, and what the next 10 years might bring.

Player retention: It's not just for operators anymore
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 33, October 2015
Affiliates have traditionally focused on acquiring new customers, rather than retaining the ones making them money. A shift in focus to player retention could aid an affiliate's bottom line.

Daily fantasy sports' catch-22
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 33, October 2015
The GPWA's Aaron Todd makes the argument that tournaments allowing multiple entries per player could eventually bring down the booming daily fantasy sports industry.

Nevada issues warrant for arrest of former Seals With Clubs chairman
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 32, June 2015
Bryan Micon, who ran the Bitcoin-fueled poker site before moving to Antigua after his home was raided by Nevada Gaming Control Agents, was charged with operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system.

Santa Ysabel plan to offer Internet gambling in California hits roadblock
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 31, February 2015
Both state and federal authorities filed lawsuits seeking to shut down the tribe's online gambling operations.

GSN betting big on skill games - and affiliates
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 29, July 2014
Skill games -- often redesigned versions of game show brands or popular Web games -- offer an opportunity for affiliates to branch out from the usual online gambling suspects.

Massachusetts Internet gambling hearing focuses on geolocation, payment processing issues
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 28, April 2014
The Massachusetts Gambling Commission heard from a variety of expert witnesses and discussed the early results of the three states that have regulated online gaming thus far.

Bitcoin's boom-bust cycle lets players gamble twice
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 28, April 2014
The instability of Bitcoin's value makes using it to gamble at online sites like SealsWithClubs a volatile proposition.

Building better World Cup campaigns
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 27, February 2014
A well-designed World Cup campaign can turn new and one-off punters into long-term players.

Barton, PPA believe time is now for federal online poker legislation.
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 26, October 2013
The Texas representative has introduced the Internet Poker Freedom Act to Congress.

Yahoo beats Google in U.S. Web traffic
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 26, October 2013
For the first time since May 2011, Yahoo had more unique visitors in a month than Google--and that's not even including Tumblr.

Ultimate Poker launches first regulated real-money gaming site in Nevada
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 25, June 2013
Despite some snags with the geolocation barriers, the online poker room reports a "great response."

PokerStars beat in court, Atlantic Club can pursue other suitors
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 25, June 2013
PokerStars has lost its exclusive negotiating rights after evidence showed that its founder may have been involved in the negotiations despite the terms of the company's settlement with the DOJ.

Christie signs New Jersey online gambling bill
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 24, April 2013
The governor signed the bill just 19 days after vetoing an earlier version. The signed bill incorporates several regulatory measures that Gov. Christie had insisted upon.

DOJ appoints administrator to return Full Tilt funds to U.S. players
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 24, April 2013
Garden City Group will serve as Claims Administrator to refund the players who held balances with Full Tilt Poker when the DOJ seized the company.

We have a "situation" here
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron) , Vin Narayanan (vinism)  - Issue 24, April 2013
PokerStars' application to purchase the Atlantic Club Casino in New Jersey in the wake of its DOJ indictment on Black Friday has sparked some heated debate.

Nevada could pool online poker players with other states
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 23, February 2013
The Nevada Legislature is considering a bill that would allow the governor to create compacts with other states to combine their online poker player pools.

Lower margins? Maybe. High Rollers? Definitely.
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 20, March 2012
Live dealer online casinos bring the experience of a brick-and-mortar casino trip to the online gaming world--and they're proving popular.

William Hill fires seven managers, resumes online operations in Israel
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 19, February 2012
William Hill's chief executive reportedly discovered a plan by the managers to create a rival company.

Bodog moves U.S. players to Bovada
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 19, February 2012
Access to Bodog's main website is now blocked for American users.

H2 revises online gambling revenue forecast downward
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 17, September 2011
The modified forecast still predicts growth, but less than half of what was originally projected before Black Friday.

Live stream goes mainstream
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 17, September 2011
Online sportsbooks are using live streaming technology to allow sports bettors to wager on events as they watch them.

Black Friday: bad for some, better for others
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 17, September 2011
While some sites had to scramble to protect themselves after the Black Friday indictments, other sites were able to cash in on some of the traffic that had been going to the companies the DOJ shut down.

Washington, D.C. becomes first U.S. jurisdiction to regulate online gambling
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 16, May 2011
A provision in the Washington budget bill allows the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board to offer games on the Internet.

The aftermath: Victory Poker leaves U.S. while others jockey for position
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 16, May 2011
With PokerStars and Full Tilt out of the picture and Absolute Poker not accepting new U.S. deposits, other online poker rooms are moving to grab their traffic -- or to stay out of the path of the U.S. government.

Full Tilt, PokerStars leave Washington
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 15, January 2011
The two companies pulled out of the Washington market following a state Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of a law making Internet gambling a felony.

Always on the lookout
Interview with Andrew Mueller (kwblue)
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 15, January 2011
Affiliate Guard Dog's Andrew Mueller wants to monitor changes in terms and conditions, the timeliness of affiliate payments and other technical data of use to affiliates. "creamed" in Washington
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 14, October 2010
The Washington Supreme Court ended Nick Jenkins' long court battle with a unanimous ruling that operated as an illegal bookmaker.

Bridging online gaming's numbers gap
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 14, October 2010
Montreal-based Income Access provides statistics to affiliates and considers itself to be filling an important market need.

The face of things to come
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 13, June 2010
Antonio Esfandiari is "The Face" of newly launched Victory Poker, but its secret weapon is CEO Dan Fleyshman.

Lights... Camera... and off-the-wall Action!
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 13, June 2010
Antonio Esfandiari's longtime friendship with Phil Laak resulted in "I Bet You," one of the most memorable shows involving poker personalities in TV history.

New rules make WSOP promos tricky
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 1, May 2007
The World Series of Poker will not accept third-party registrations from Internet poker rooms that accept U.S. players in real-money games, and is prohibiting operators and affiliates from utilizing WSOP logos and the terms "World Series of Poker" and "WSOP" in official promotions.

Building a gambling empire
By Aaron Todd (GPWA Aaron)  - Issue 1, May 2007
Fred Done got his start running bets for his father at just eight years old. Now, as the owner of BetFred, he's operating one of the largest and most successful online sportsbooks in the world.