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California online poker bill heads to Assembly
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 35, June 2016
The regulation of online poker in California took a key step forward in late April when the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee unanimously passed AB 2863.

Affactive, Revenue Jet shuttered in wake of arrests of owners
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 33, October 2015
Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein were arrested in July at their homes in Israel. They are accused of engaging in "pump and dump" stock manipulation schemes dating back to 2011.

Mergers and acquisitions: How affiliates fit into the online gambling industry's 'new normal'
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 33, October 2015
As operators band together to strengthen their positions in the competitive online gambling industry, affiliates are left wondering what their role will be going forward.

New Jersey affiliates can no longer have it both ways
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 33, October 2015
As of Nov. 1, 2015, affiliates who choose to promote regulated New Jersey casinos must stop promoting sites not regulated by the state to New Jersey residents.

Optimal Payments agrees to buy Skrill for $1.2 billion
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 32, June 2015
The two payment processing firms will combine to form the Enlarged Group following the $1.2 billion acquisition. The move helps diversify Optimal Payments' customer and affiliate base, geographic reach and product offerings.

Twitch opens the door for new marketing channels
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 32, June 2015
Online poker players are leading a revolution by which sites market to their players via live streaming. And the live stream medium is a viable option that operators and affiliates should consider for promoting other online gambling products.

RotoGrinders is setting the standard for DFS affiliates
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 31, February 2015
One of the largest and most successful daily fantasy sports affiliates shows how content is key to attracting players.

DFS is growing more quickly -- and online poker players love it
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 30, October 2014
A wave of online poker players is taking the daily fantasy sports industry by storm, once again using an analytical approach to gain an edge.

Affiliates face a different business environment in New Jersey
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 29, July 2014
Affiliates are not accustomed to the bureaucracies they are facing as New Jersey regulates online gaming.

DerbyJackpot - a simpler way to play the ponies
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 28, April 2014
The horse betting site targets non-horse bettors, presenting streamlined data in an easy-to-use interface and providing a level of transparency that's nearly unprecedented in the industry.

Bingo advertising on daytime television - how much is too much?
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 28, April 2014
Online bingo parlors in the U.K. rely heavily on daytime ads to reach their customers, but conservative members of Parliament are concerned about the effects of these ads on children.

Las Vegas Sands' stance called hypocritical in House hearing
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 27, February 2014
Six witnesses testified in a House subcommittee hearing regarding whether the U.S. federal government should -- or could -- regulate online gambling, with Sheldon Adelson's brick-and-mortar casino corporation arguing on the anti side.

In New Jersey it's all about location -- geolocation
By Dan Podheiser (GPWA Dan)  - Issue 27, February 2014
New Jersey's online casinos opened Thanksgiving weekend, but not without a few -- OK, more than a few -- technical difficulties.