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I am a 24/7 hard working Entrepreneur with forward thinking and always looking for new opportunities to reach the next step on the ladder to greater success !!!!! Specialties: Too many to mention in such a small space, but I have qualities in Internet marketing that surprise even me sometimes. VISION: My vision for heading a company would be to have, when I walk into the office in the morning, is that all my staff will have the feeling of gladness to see me and not to fear my presence as their boss, but to look to me for help & inspiration with my door open to all! Lifestyle & Sports: The entrepreneur is a person who can see how the world is evolving, then executes a plan of action to change accordingly, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. He or she brings together the best people for the job, as a maestro of the musical world. You have all the instruments at your disposal, but how you bring them together ultimately is the brilliance to make the piece come alive! I combine my entrepreneurial lifestyle with keeping myself active by competing in sports of swimming, biking and running, which gives me the energy to perform at high levels in an ever changing world.