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Jeanne Perrot is one of the most influential experts in France on the whole gambling world. Thanks to her excellent track record, she has been promoted to the position of senior content manager on the site casinoenlignefranç It was in 2017 that the site had hired her as a junior content writer based on the quality of her content and her growing reputation. Having worked as a content writer after graduation, Jeanne was helpful in boosting our site's SEO. In fact, it is thanks to her that you are on this page. She knew how to distinguish herself by her work and her will to always deliver quality information. It is therefore logical that she has been promoted to the position of Senior Content Manager. Before becoming an expert, Jeanne is basically a passionate and experienced gamer. As a result, she proceeds methodically by first testing the platforms and their respective offers before passing on the information to the Internet users. That's why our visitors always get reliable news about French online casinos. Our latest news about bonuses, slots, payment methods, and all online casino options are verified and true. So, thanks to Jeanne's work, you will be able to make the right choice about the best online gaming options.
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