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**Hi, Privet, Hello, Shalom, Salam, Nihao, Konichiwa, Bonjour, Ola, Chao ** About me: Russian, but was born in Kazakhstan. Since 2007 I have been engaged in online gambling. Started from webmaster and now stop at development business and software for online gambling industry. I`m open to all new technologies, knowledge, trends, new friends and partners. My Aim: to Help people with casino dream. My Strategy: Win-Win + long-term partnership My Rule: Love gambling, but not gamble. My Main Quality: My offer or promise is like gold. Always sounds good and has a high price, because the percentage of fulfilled promises tends to 100%. My words have more weight than any legal document. About business: If you think that online gambling is an easy business. And with the opening of an online casino, you are sure 100% get a profitable and successful business - then you are mistaken. If you want to open casino, you should have a desire to: understand the subject of business, many working, invest your time to knowledge. And just do it, open online casino from your dream! P.S. World of Gambling - is my passion, my ocean. «...In heaven it’s all they talk about. The ocean. And the sunset. How ******* beautiful it is to watch that big ball of fire melt to the ocean. The only light that is left like a candle is inside...» (c) Movie "Knocking on Heaven’s Door", 1997

Kazak comes from a long line of Cossacks
Interview with KazaK - Issue 10, September 2009
Aleksey Batishev is a proud moderator of the Russian-language forum on the GPWA. "(The) GPWA is not only a source of information, but also a source of networking and invaluable experience," he says. "I hope the community and our Russian forum keep growing."