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LocusPlay is hi-tech B2B gaming platform for lottery operators. In today’s competitive marketplace, lottery operators and distributors are constantly searching for new sales venues for their products. Consumers are increasingly opting for choices of convenience: drive-thru sales are up and many people now pay their bills online. This trend is troublesome for lottery operators who rely on consumers to visit a lotto terminal in order to pay for tickets. Less and less people are walking into stores these days, and as a result, lottery sales are in jeopardy. LocusPlay solves this problem by delivering an integrated suite of lottery applications directly onto consumer's mobile phones. This eliminates the need for consumers to visit a physical lottery terminal to buy a ticket, and expands the population of potential customers to everyone with a mobile phone. As a result, an entire new distribution line is available and opportunities for lottery sales are greatly increased. Lottery Software Online Lottery Mobile lottery SMS Betting