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I feel lucky that my career started in Gambling where everything is full of fun and complexity at the same time. The sphere seemed to me as unknown world, I am about to explore. I started with Customer Support that gave me a huge background in Gambling and CRM. I am grateful for everything position gave me, especially, I improved my communication skills and established friendly relationships with our players. Later on, with a great experience Iíve got, I felt like I was ready to go on with another side of Casino management - Affiliate Marketing. It is very responsible mission, to get the most trustful affiliates to work with us and create a good image of casino. Now, I am doing my best to learn as much as I can and implement my knowledge at full scale. My name is Olivia and I will represent King Billy Casino. I will keep in touch with members, affiliates and react rapidly to all requests, feedback, queries etc. with a great pleasure. Hope that I will be helpful and welcomed.