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I've been an avid gambler as long as I can remember. When online gaming started, I jumped right in. Tired of chasing bonuses and tired of the popups and spam that I had to wade through, I decided to start my own search engine for online gaming sites. At the time, I had no idea of what an affiliate was, or that I could make money at this. Thankfully, I have now figured that part out and have been building and maintaining a gaming search engine and my other sites for well over 5 years. For a few years starting in 2007, affiliate marketing was my full-time gig -- but not any longer. I've returned to my career as a User Experience specialist at a small start-up in Cincinnati. When I am not working on my site, I enjoy sports betting, I follow baseball with a passion (Go Reds!), read, cook, watch movies, play and collect pinball, XBOX, and video games.

He's a longtime computer whiz -- and a pinball wizard, too!
Interview with robertmedl - Issue 8, April 2009
Robert Medl discusses being a jack-of-all-online-trades, the difficulties of tracking individual player behavior and the difficulty of finding pinball machines these days.

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