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Some of the best Festivals celebrated across India India is a notable land the place religions practised and its beliefs rule the gallows. Ever because that ancient interval, they have been at their top and have created an enduring impact on its humans that the ultra-modern-day theories of the west fail to discern. As time passed, there happened a rise of some special festivals due to the influence of non-secular connection between almighty and hobbies these are obeyed strictly, restoring religion concord. Now the question arises, whether these festivals are practised in the name of religion and ritual are of any benefit or not. The query of throwing deep that means in our rituals leaves us to marvel a couple of record of most weird festivals in India and a few crazy routine that deserves an excellent notion. Roadways in India are connected well; many of the states of the nation are linked with busways. Travelling from one metropolis to other is made simpler by way of as which you could buy bus tickets online for any city bus route. Choose your ideal bus variety and seat in step with your requirements. Journey during the gala's and experience the impeccable joy of a bus journey as you make memories on the go! Keep reading to know more on strange festivals of India, let us explore more: 1. Nag Panchami: Nag, in actual phrases is the Cobra, a species of snake, keeping a quality location in Hindu mythology. It is a new level of worship in the direction of the divine creature, which is witnessed on Nag Panchami, as snakes are, supplied milk on now. It is celebrated in honour of the Snake God (Sheshnag). 2. Thaipusam Festival: this is celebrated within the state of Tamil Nadu; thaipusam competition may also be described as a brutal humiliation of the human flesh. Devotees participating in this daunting ritual are made to suffer painful piercings of hooks and skewers all in the course of their physique. 3. Holi, Vrindavan: Ladies chase and beat men of Barsana in Mathura. Guys do not worry! As these Lathis and celebrates it as a regional competition referred to as Lath Mar Holi. Performed simply earlier than the exact day of Holi, Lath Mar Holi is a satisfactory manner of celebrating this competition of colours. 4. Diwali: Diwali is one festival that is celebrated in India by all irrespective of the rich, poor or caste, creed. It is a festival of lights. If you visit any state in India during this festival, you will be amazed to see how each ones homes are lit up with various types of lanterns and colourful lights and lamps. You will get to hear the sound of crackers all over and people dressed in their best are seen wishing one and another for this festival. People prepare various types of sweets and it is a feast till this festival lasts. Diwali is celebrated for about 5 to 6 days in this country. Children are given a vacation during this festival. It is a festival which is celebrated by all and it brings along a mood of happiness along with it.