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It’s been not too long since I decided to change everything in my life and join some new professional field. And, by a lucky chance, unexpectedly for myself, I’ve the guys from Gambling 2 years back and decided why not Gambling. My major is Linguistics, so it allowed me to plunge into the sphere relatively quick despite of my living in the country where English is just taught at schools. The way I was appointed as an Affiliate Manager can hardly imagine. I was the most active Support Manager who strived always for something new. So, I had a great mission to get the most trustful affiliates on board and create a good image of casino. That’s what I did with all my drive and value within 2,5 year building literally a strong affiliate network and all possible promo tools from the scratch. However, I found myself pulling a train set on breaks. It was time to look for another opportunity where I could maximize my efforts and bring the most favor to the Team . Thus, due to my strong nerves and patience, it lasted for about 2 years, before I finally met my Dream Team. I joined King Billy Casino Team about 2 years ago and absolutely happy to represent to all GPWA members and gambling society this project. I hope you enjoy it with me playing your favorite games or just discussing the latest gambling news.

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Ruslan believes that every affiliate manager should be positive, energetic, attentive to detail, consistent and a fast learner.