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A few years ago while playing online poker, a friend referred me to one of her favorite forums. I was new to the whole forum community experience and it amazed me how quickly I made friends with the other members and the administrator of the site. Within a couple months, I was promoted to moderator there and a few months later I took over the day to day operation of the forum. Eventually, the site ran into financial hardship (mostly due to the US ban on online poker) and late in 2006 the owner decided to close the forum. While this was upsetting, it was also an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. I decided my friends and I needed a place to continue meeting and discussing poker. Several months later (Jan 2007) The Pokerkeep was born! This has been a challenge and a pleasure. I had to learn everything. From designing my site to setting up my affiliate deals to SEO and marketing... all new experiences. The Pokerkeep is still in it's infancy but it's beginning to grow and become what I have envisioned. I'm very proud of my site and my accomplishments thus far and look forward to the future of online gaming. In the real world, I'm in the property management business. I'm a proud grandfather four times over! I'm happily married with four grown children. Terry Bolger aka ninesmine aka The Pokerkeep

Q. What do the GPWA and antique Canadian furniture have in common? A. Terry Bolger is crazy about both of them!
Interview with thepokerkeep - Issue 4, April 2008
Terry says the most common misconception about Canada is the climate, as the summers are hot and they only have snow for three or four months a year. "We do love our hockey and beer, though!"