This is our place to share information, discuss industry issues, and help each other better develop our sites. This community is self-governing and democratic, and therefore will not be censored in any way (except for 'crashers'). Please act professionally and respectably - we have a wonderful and fun board, and work to keep it that way. Each private application is reviewed by the membership team to help ensure high-quality dialogue.


Private membership is available only to Gambling Portal Webmasters.

  1. Your portal must have its own domain name. If the WHOIS contact information does not match your name, you must provide documentation that you own the domain or work for the owner.
  2. Free site portals do not qualify for admission to the association. Note: If a webmaster has free sites and also has at least one revenue-generating site, the free sites would not disqualify the applicant. Rather, the free sites would not be evaluated.
  3. Your portal must have been up and running for at least 3 months prior to your application.
  4. We do not accept portals that mix porn and gambling on the same site.
  5. We do not accept portals that are 1-page "banner farms."
  6. We do not accept any applicants who have connections to the inside operations of gaming properties, such as casino employees or casino software providers.
  7. We do not accept portals that are fronts for particular casinos. If a webmaster has both single-casino fronts and other sites, the casino fronts sites would not disqualify the application. Rather, the casino fronts would not be evaluated.
  8. We take copyright infringement very seriously. If your site is found to be infringing on anyone else's copyright, you will not be accepted for membership.
  9. Applicants must act professionally and respectfully in their business activities.

Due to the depth of the review, the application process takes a minimum of two weeks.


  • You must have a registered public account before submitting a private application! To register a public account, go here.
  • All fields are required. Incomplete applications and applications including false information will be discarded.
Full Name:
If name does not match WHOIS contact information, you must be prepared to provide documentation confirming that you own the domain or work for the owner.
First Name:
Middle Name:
Mr.  Ms.  Mrs.

Existing GPWA User name:
If you do not already have a registered user name, you will first need to register a public account.
Email Address:
Email must not require sender verification, such as SpamArrest. If the email is not from one of your portal domains, you must send an email from one of the portal addresses to prior to application approval.
Your Country:
Websites You Own or Are Associated With:
Omitting sites delays Private Membership approval.
Launch Dates:
List in order, including month and year.

If you have questions about the application process or are experiencing difficulty using the above form, please contact us at