1xBet offers the chance to place bets using your unprocessed potential returns. Sometimes you need to place another bet but have no money to do it.
This feature was developed exactly for these cases!

Your account balance is $260. You have made the following bets:
$100 at odds of 1.5 potential returns are $150.
$150 at odds of 2 potential returns are $300.
Now your available balance is $10.
1xBet offers you an Advancebet in the amount of $100. Now you are able to place bets with the combined stake of up to $110.
Then you place a bet with the stake of $30 ($10 off your available balance and $20 of the Advancebet amount) at odds of 1.5. Potential returns are $45.
You also place a bet with the stake of $50 (from your Advancebet balance) at the odds of 2. Potential returns are $100.

Enjoy your game with 1xBET.

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