Hi Everyone,

January is underway but the season of goodwill is far from over at WagerJunction. The $50 CPA offer on First Time Depositors has proved to be quite a success and we have decided to extend the incentive until the end of January 2011.

We want to make sure you are earning good cash this January in order to help you recover from all the Christmas expense!

The CPA is in addition to your normal revenue share. There is a qualification criterion for the CPA to be paid out. Any new First time depositor needs to make at least $50 in purchases in the calendar month that they register in. That means if your player registers in January a minimum amount of $50 must be purchased in January itself for you to receive the CPA.

We have made a lot of webmasters happy over the last few months with this incentive and are looking forward to continuing this incentive for the whole of January.

Contact us if you have any suggestions or would like more info.