Tone up your business, why we love Berlin and your VIP invite

There are only eight weeks until the igaming affiliate industry descends upon the German capital for BAC 2017. Over the next eight weeks, we will be giving you weekly snippets of conference news so you can stay effortlessly up to date with what's going on.

Remember you can register to attend on the website and can find more information on all of these stories in the news section!


Tone up your business with our top affiliate content

If you want to improve your health and fitness you go for a run or hit the gym. Your business is no different. Flex your SEO muscles or hit the road for a social media marathon - it's time to get your business fit.

Out conference highlights include:

  • Google Manual Penalties Demystified
  • Case Study: How to recover and overcome a black hat attack
  • Out-of-the-box linking in the real-time Penguin Era
  • 10 Killer SEM Tricks and Tips
  • Doing More with Less: SEO that works
  • The Ultimate Webmasters tool kit
  • Social & SEO: Chalk and cheese or SEOcial paradise
  • An affiliate how to guide: Building authority and trust with meaningful content
  • Gaming’s complete guide to Facebook Ads
  • The UX Factor!
  • Poets and Quants: A data led approach to Social Media

Some of our confirmed speakers are:

  • Andrew Edwards, Founder, Mad About Bingo
  • Dave Gowans, Managing Director, Browser to Buyer
  • Marcus Miller, Digital Strategist, Bowler Hat
  • Bastian Grimm, Managing Director, Peak Ace AG
  • Kaspar Szymanski, Co-founder,
  • Nick Garner, Founder and CEO, Oshi Casino
  • Fintan Costello, Founder & Managing Partner at Revenue Engineers

Here's why we (and you) keep coming back to Berlin

2017 will be our third consecutive year in Berlin. We've grown to love this city and (from what you've told us) so have you. To celebrate year three, here are the main reasons we just keep coming back to Germany.

1. Berlin is one of the coolest cities in Europe!

Berlin just so happens to be one of the coolest cities in Europe. Yes, it’s got great weekend long night clubs and a crazy night life, yes, it’s got more types of sausage than you have time to try but what really stands out to us is its awesome history. From the Berlin Wall to the First and Second World War histories, Berlin is packed full of fascinating museums and artifacts that can take days to explore.

2. The networking venues are some of the best around

We love going to Berlin because the networking venues we find tend to be pretty cool. They’re always more than just a club. There is always somewhere for you to dance, somewhere for you to chat to your fellow delegates or somewhere for you to sit and chill out. In the past, we have been to venues such as E3, the Puro Sky Lounge and Avenue. We are currently scouring the city for more quirky and cool venues for the 2017 event. Keep your eyes peeled.

3. There is a relaxed vibe, and that's just great for networking

BAC is slightly smaller than our conferences in Amsterdam and London, but that doesn’t stop it being, arguably, our most popular. The more intimate venue and smaller numbers make it easier to meet and make time with the people that really matter to your business. Exhibitors and sponsors are more relaxed, more approachable than at most other igaming conferences. This makes Berlin the best place to meet and discuss your performance over the past year, and plans for your new year.

4. It just keeps breaking records

It’s on a roll and we can’t stop it. Since the move from Barcelona in 2015, the Berlin Affiliate Conference continues to break records. Attendance numbers have soared with more people attending - and they’re coming from countries all around the world. This gives you more people to do business with and opens up avenues into some new and exciting markets. This year we are expecting over 3,200 delegates

5. German beer is just
sooooo good (and who doesn't enjoy a stein?)

We know this one isn’t for everyone but it had to make the list. Who would have thought that the country famous for Oktoberfest and various other beer festivals would make such good beer…. We joke, of course, everyone knows German beer is some of the best in the world. Whether you’re looking for Weiss bier, Schwarz bier, Pilsner or the dangerously strong Bock – there is so much variety and so many unique flavours. Plus, it comes in a Stein which might be the coolest of glasses in the world. Maybe we will do a list of our favourite German drinking parlors later down the line… keep your eyes peeled. (iGB Affiliate and BAC take no responsibility for those of you overindulging in Steins).

6. The famous currywurst

We were going to stop at five points - but CurryWurst is a delicacy you have to try. Authentic German Bratwurst, often chopped into slices, seasoned with curry ketchup. It’s really that simple. This is a great quick snack to grab on your walk back from one of the networking parties. Currywurst is a legitimate reason to keep going back to Berlin right?

Want to become a VIP affiliate at BAC 2017?

We recently sent out VIP invites to all of the affiliates who qualify. If you didn't receive an invite - don't panic. There is still the opportunity for you to attend BAC 2017 as a VIP. To become a VIP just get in touch and remember to mention that you are a part of the GPWA forum!

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