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    Default About casinopays not pay earnings to Affiliate

    I am a Affiliate of casinopays. I am CPA Affiliate
    I have bring only 3 players on last month. They have make deposit and play games in the casino of casinopays. they are real players.
    but the casinopays tell me my players have won money from the casino so can't pay earnings to me.

    This is the part of the e-mail i and casinopays:
    I: Dear Sir,
    Ok! I think I have nothing to say.My players are not withdrew money
    from casino.can you sure them don't make they second deposit? can you
    sure they were can't lost money to your casino yet? If the players are
    won money so you not pay earnings to me, Why do I choose the CPA? I am
    bona fides hope I can make money in company with you. but I can't sure
    all of my players will be lost money in your casino so i think i can't
    make money from casinopays. I am very despair.Thank you for your help!

    Casinopays: > Hello Sir,
    > Last month you brought only 3 players for a total deposit of $200. The
    > problem is that these players won money in the Casinos and thus both
    > us did not get money!
    > I hope that this happened only last month and it won't happen again.
    > At this moment I insist on the importance to strenghten our Business
    > cooperation, thus by improving the exposure of the Casinos in your
    > websites.
    > Your english is absolutely good...

    like the my talk of e-mail. I can't sure my players will be lost money in the casino so i choose the CPA. I have no incumbency to pledge the players lost money in they're casino. I check my account stats found only one of the 3 players won some money and he have not withdrew money
    from casino! , other 2 players were lost some money, one of them lost 100usd after he make his frist deposit.if only all of the players lost money so casinopays will be pay the earnings to CPA Affiliate.I think have no body can earn CPA from casinopays! sorry for my English is very poor! I hope you can understand my mean! Thanks!

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    If your sure your on a cpa deal you should be paid for the 3 players regardless of wheather they win or lose. Whats your username? i'll speak to them tomorrow about it if you like. They have always paid me on time and ive had no problems with them.
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    My aff id is 7551544.
    I am sure I on cpa deal.

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    Good for jumping on that Casinoportal....

    Relax 7551544, he'll get a more solid answer for you.

    In the email you recieved, it doesn't say they are not planning on paying the money, but they would like you to understand that they are a bit concerned about player values.

    You will have a better answer in a day or so.

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    Default Re. 7551544

    Dear 7551544,

    Firstly I would like to apologize for any inconveniences caused to you, and I wanted notify you that I am checking into this matter and to assure you everything will be sorted out ASAP.

    I will investigate this issue with the account manager that corresponded with you, and make sure that you will be paid according to the deal you signed for. (CPA basis).

    You will be contacted by us shortly with all the updates and your payment details.
    If you ever have any further queries or problems with your account, you are welcome to contact me anytime at

    CasinoPays Manager

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    Thank you Elinor for looking into this

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