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    Post The absurd state of footballís transfer market

    Colossus Bets Blog contributor Joe Phelan gives his take on how absurd the football transfer market is these days. Read on for a preview or click here to see the full article.


    I canít count the number of times in recent years that Iíve found myself defending the spending policy employed by clubs during transfer windows. The way Iíve always seen it is that if the purchase of a player is financially viable for the club then, however extravagant the fee may seem, itís justifiable. The transfer window that has just ended is, however, a different story. Itís the first time that, quite frankly, Iíve felt embarrassed by the extortionate prices being paid for average (and in a number of cases less than average) players. I wouldnít go as far as to say that itís ruining the game, but itís certainly changing it.

    The drama and hype that surrounds deadline day is a prime example of football becoming less about the sport and more about the spectacle. It makes for great TV, donít get me wrong, and credit must go to Sky for being able to sustain such energetic coverage throughout an entire day when in reality not much is happening, but it is really doing nothing for the credibility of football as a sport. If anything, the coverage of football in this country is now more similar to WWE than it is to, say, rugby.

    The thing about transfer deadline day is that it couldnít exist were it not for the football clubs that year after year decide to spend millions upon millions of pounds strengthening their squad mere hours before the window slams shut. It beggars belief that these businesses are willing to expend vast quantities of money based on what is essentially little more than whim. Iím sure thereís more going on behind the scenes (at least I would sincerely hope so), but thatís how it comes across on our screens.

    I can accept the coverage of deadline day for what it is Ė essentially Sky giving its brand some additional excitement Ė because itís fun. Itís good to watch and itís especially gripping when your club is involved; it is, fundamentally, a football-themed pantomime, and it makes for terrific television.

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    Great article from Joe! Players get paid insane amounts of money these days, unfortunately it's become the norm....

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