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    Default Adblock - Bypass ?


    I invest some hours to bypass the adblocker but im stuck,and now im here

    The best scenario: Banner + Klick = second Tab (target blank) but this dont really work - the page start loading and get closed by adblock.

    I have try htaccess,mod_rewrite,javascript - no success.
    It works with s splash page and a encoded link - but i dont like this redirect method.



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    Ultimately the user has control of this, not you. Adblockers work by filtering browser requests made to specific URLs that are matched against a blacklist using regular expressions. It does not matter how those requests are made, i.e. click, javascript, meta refresh or anything else. As soon as the browser tries to issue a GET or POST request the adblocker intercepts it and checks the URL against the blacklist, and if there is a match, blocks it.

    If you are serving banner ads or something from your own server then you can play around with the URLs you use until they pass. For example don't serve from a folder with a path containing something obvious like /ads/ or /banner/ as these will match generic global blacklists. If your domain itself is on a blacklist then you are SOL. If you are finding that an external affiliate URL is being blocked then you need to contact the affiliate program and let them know they are being blocked and see if they can give you a new URL that passes. It might require them to use a different path or even an entirely different domain. That will work in the short term but not long term if people are determined to have the links blocked.

    Lastly, do you have any metrics that tell you whether this is even worth your time? I do and I'm happy to share. I log sessions that block Google Analytics in Google Analytics (I know it sounds contradictory but it is possible using Google's server side API) and the rate is sitting at about 4% of visitors. I'm not particularly worried because I figure that anyone savvy enough to be running an adblocker is also probably smart enough to know how to bypass it for a link that they actually want to click. I don't have banner ads so that is not a concern for me.

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    If your website is delivering these ads off the homepage you also may want to rethink it. Google rolled out a new feature where interstitial ads will force a penalty on your website if they are intrusive.

    Pop ups, redirects and other really large ads that take 15% upwards on the screen are likely to be penalised although no number is confirmed. These ads deliver absolutely no use to the visitor and Google is treating them accordingly

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