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    Default Affiliate Conferences

    With all of the talk about BAC coming up, I have to ask this question, Do you go to these and do you find them beneficial? Being a bit enochiophobic (fear of crowds, I had to google it) I have never attended one of these, but the amount of buzz they seem to generate makes me wonder about them. What exactly do you gain from them? Is it basic networking? Do you ever make meaningful contacts? Do you benefit from the booths or seminars (I assume both are there), are there free drinks? What is the draw? I would love to hear from anybody who attends them.

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    IF you are running an Affiliate program then I would expect the conferences to beneficial as you will get two main benefits :
    1/ Meet existing affiliates and cement the relationship (if you have set up meetings)
    2/ Meet potential affiliates and pitch the program (if you have an allocated spot or stand)

    A lot of affiliates do still value the face-to-face meeting - so if you've planned in advance I can see the payback.


    For affiliates the payback is a lot less - the seminars are mainly SEO wannabees - the drinks are free but the travel expenses and time spent mean it's the worst definition of "free" that I know - and often the meetings are rushed (and sometimes missed).

    I went to the latest Amsterdam event and appreciated 3 of the arranged meetings we had. And viewing the stands was interesting / funny for 30 minutes.

    On the down side I missed 1 meeting as the program didn't have a stand and I could not find the AM, we didn't get the VIP access to a meeting area as promised by organisers, the seminars were not useful, and the actual stand scene is a bit sordid with lycra clad girls wanting your business cards.

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    For myself, it's useful to meet some affiliate managers with who I work face-to-face. Last time I got a few % extra at some programs that are running well. Economically, it's, of course, the question if that really wasn't possible without going to the conference and the extra € must be more than the travel expenses. You can calculate that. If you're able to get 5% more for programs that are having revenues of € 1.000, than it's about € 50 and it makes no sense at all. Also, every program is having its limit. If you're having already the best deals, then it's difficult to get some extra out of it.

    Also, for me, it works usually better when I have seen a person face-to-face. First, I arranged dozens of meetings. I didn't make sense at all. Meetings were rushed and you're losing time with crappy programs that are spamming anyway every week. After that, I became more selective with arranging meetings. For Berlin, I have like 5 or 6 meetings. That makes more sense than just meet people to meet people. A lot of people working for affiliate programs just want to show their boss an over-full agenda. They really do not give a damn which vertical you're promoting. Also some are just holding monologs that they've studied in the mirror of their hotel room. In general, if you prepare it well and have a serious business, it's useful.

    The seminars, I do not like them. No way that people at seminars are going to tell really interesting things. I prefer discussion panels about topics that are relevant for me. The booths are funny, but some of the biggest are paid with money stolen from affiliates, players or won by working with hackers. I suppose that USB-sticks with a logo, coffee cups and lighters do not make the difference between working with a program or not working with them.

    Besides economic things, it can also be fun. You're meeting people, people working in the same industry as you. I also see it as an opportunity to go to places where I normally would not go. I never ever had in my mind to go to Berlin, but now I use the opportunity to see a bit of the city. Although, I do hope that next year Amsterdam and Berlin will be replaced. Or at least one of them, as Amsterdam is already confirmed.

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    As an operator there are 2 reasons we go.

    - To meet existing affiliates. It's SO much easier to have a discussion about accounts etc in person face to face. I sometimes find emails, skype etc annoying because something that could take 5 minutes ends up taking far more of your time.
    - To find new affiliates. There are affiliates who don't get on forums, and are not proactive in finding you, but go to the conferences.

    As a side note, I have also found it very handy to network not just with affiliates but with other affiliate managers. You never know when a contact will change jobs (possibly to become an affiliate or similar) or introduce you to someone they know who you've been trying to get in touch with for a long time without success, and it has definitely benefited us in that way.

    It's cool to see what other programs are doing/offering too. Can help improve your own program.

    My 2 cents.
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