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    Default Affiliate Interview Series - Josy C.

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    (This interview was originally published in the August 2021 issue of the GPWA Times Magazine.)

    It’s been 10 years since we last interviewed you for the GPWA Times Magazine and at that time you had been an iGaming affiliate for five years. If our math is correct, you’ve now been in this game for a total of 15 years. Please tell us how you have managed to adapt and survive all of these years.

    First of all, I post articles every day. I make a lot of modifications and I think that if you don't work every day, it's not possible to survive. Like everyone else, I had to adapt to mobile, change a lot of things with Google and its endless changes. I have always worked alone. Fortunately, I have players since 2006 who are loyal.

    Since the virus, it has been difficult. Before we lived, now we survive. And then with the new laws in several specific countries, it's a bit complicated, it changes so often.

    How did you find your way into the iGaming affiliate business?

    I was a player at the beginning. I went on forums, then I quickly became a moderator of two big websites, one of them Poker Room, which was Poker770 at the time. I found that to be great. After that, I started to make my first site and the rest followed.

    Two of your sites have one main focus: No deposit bonuses and microgaming casinos. How did you decide to concentrate on these two areas?

    I started with casino bonuses, but I saw that I was not advancing. When I started the no deposit bonus site, I got my first players. I have affiliations that I have been working with since 2006, such as Reward Affiliates and Renee, Buffalo Partners, Jacked Affiliates.

    Some affiliations don't give anything to the players. For me, that's a mistake. If I don't have depositing players, there is a problem. When I say it's a mistake, it's because some players want to try, and will engage faster if they are already registered. And then for my part, an online casino is not a land-based casino. If they want to convert, they need to attract people, otherwise they will close, like a lot of casinos.

    What do you love most about being an iGaming affiliate? What do you not like about it?

    I like the fact that I am independent, I know my work by heart and I can work from anywhere in the world if I have an internet line. I am still a little webmaster, because I am alone.

    I don't like all the constant changes in laws and being forced to reference that change!

    What would your advice be to someone who told you they were going to try and launch an iGaming affiliate site?

    Work, work, work. I don't care if it's Sunday, if it's the holidays, I work. It's complicated now, before it was easier.

    What is the key to a successful working relationship between an affiliate webmaster and an affiliate program manager?

    Communication. Managers must adapt to all webmasters. Often there is only help for the big websites, but the problem is that small sites get big. For my part, when I grew up, I refused to work with those who did not help me.

    What has your family and friends thought about this journey for you over the last 15 years?

    They are happy for me, but often they tell me that I am courageous, because it has become very difficult.

    Please tell us about the origin of your GPWA username “celena.”

    (Laughs). I always adored this name. When I was young, I read a lot of science fiction books, and I liked this name, so I have kept it on all the forums.

    What are your hobbies? What do you do when you are not working?

    I do sport, walk, rhythmic dance. I don't have time to read books anymore. I read a lot on the internet. I like to move around and get away from the PC screen.

    If you won the lottery tomorrow and never had to work again for the rest of your life, what would you do?

    I would buy myself a big house, but I can't stand by and do nothing. Maybe I'll take a small straw hut under the coconut trees with cocktails (Laughs).

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you and why?

    Fire to cook me food, a book to read in the sun, and a tent to protect me. And I would bring my children, if possible.

    If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be?

    My grandparents whom I lost, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Marilyn Monroe, to know everything about his true story, and Drake. I love him. I saw him in concert in Las Vegas.

    Name three things that people reading this magazine don't know about you.

    1. I have two children.
    2. I am a globetrotter and have almost been around the entire world.
    3. I love to cook.

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    Great affiliate interview, Josy, and thanks for sharing.

    Absolutely right. The best thing about being an igaming affiliate is the ability to work independently.
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    You have not mentioned the sites? it sounds like a vague interview

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    good job!

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    Good interview Interesting read.

    Work and devotion always pay off.
    Seven times fall, eight times stand.

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    Hello Josy,

    I have enjoyed reading your interview.


    Connie Burstin
    The Affiliate Agency
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