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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series - Agni Raitar

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    (This interview was originally published in the December 2020 edition of the GPWA Times Magazine)

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where did you grow up? Where do you live today?

    I am from Estonia, one of the smallest countries in Europe but big in the IT-sphere. Thus, it is not really a surprise that before even finishing University, I was engulfed in the world of start-ups. I took part in my first-ever hackathon at 19, but, of course, the idea did not take off. So, regardless I kept trying and eventually started organizing different start-up events in the region. It really broadened my horizon and made me fascinated with the culture.

    This is probably part of the reason why I ended up in Coingaming, as regardless of being a company of 400-plus people, the culture here still feels like a start-up with people filled with so much drive.

    You have a very diverse professional background, including everything from a translator and editor to a marketing position for McDonald’s. How did you ultimately end up in the iGaming industry?

    I suppose I am always hungry for more, be it knowledge, skills, or innovation. So it’s no wonder I ended up in one of the most innovative iGaming companies in the world.

    The road here has been quite winding, as I was curious to be hands-on in different fields. In University, it was great to learn, but I wanted to be part of the action. Being the regional marketing specialist in McDonald’s was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in my eyes. To market a brand that everyone knows around the globe was not a simple task.

    However, my road to iGaming started actually from the FOREX industry, as I worked quite a few years there and it came very handy working now with cryptocurrency in Bitcasino.

    Speaking of that, how else has your diverse past work experience helped you in your current role?

    It has prepared me to be ready for anything and always find a solution. I had a great mentor in my previous role, who guided me in the field and taught me to adapt in every situation. Life in Coingaming is a constant rollercoaster where things change very fast, so I am grateful she prepared me for this, thus making me feel at home in the company.

    Bitcasino was at the forefront of cryptocurrency gaming since its inception in 2014 and was the world’s first legally licensed and regulated Bitcoin casino gaming and sportsbook platform. What is the main advantage for players and affiliates when working with a crypto casino?

    For the players, the main advantage is the added layer of security cryptocurrency brings, together with the impressive withdrawal speeds. We say that we are fun, fast and fair, and that is the number one reason why our players come back to us.

    As for affiliates, stepping into the world of crypto is certainly a wise step. Crypto players tend to have much higher lifetime value due to being a market that has grown from a rather niche community. Also, after seeing the effect of the pandemic on the industry, many have seen the advantages to diversify and include crypto operators.

    How do you explain the benefits to someone who is not familiar with cryptocurrency?

    It is the most open financial system we currently have. Every transaction made with cryptocurrency is transparent and can be verified through a network of transactions known as the blockchain. This means that there is no middle man involved. It is just the casino and the player, so you can prove that all winnings were paid out fair and square and it ensures there were no trickery or scams happening behind the scenes. This is something that you cannot say for traditional casinos that use third parties paying out to your debit or credit card.

    How has crypto gaming changed since you came on board at Bitcasino and what does the future hold for crypto gaming?

    It has certainly reached a point where crypto has gained the trust and confidence it deserves from the iGaming industry. For a long time, it was seen as a gray area, but over time, we have been successful in showing people the benefits it brings. What does the future hold? Well, we believe crypto gaming IS the future. We have full confidence it will take off even more, as the possibilities are pretty much limitless. We look forward to the ride and we’ll see what other innovations it will bring.

    In April, Bitcasino began accepting Ripple payments, the fifth cryptocurrency introduced to its players, following TRON (TRX), which was integrated in late 2019, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin. Please tell us more about the process of adding new cryptocurrencies and the decision behind offering a variety of different options?

    Each currency comes with their own tribe of followers. Many crypto enthusiasts have their own strong opinions on which currency they prefer, and even among our own leaders there are different perspectives. It’s not our place to decide which currencies are the best to use. We leave that entirely up to our players and the feedback they have given us.

    Over the last six years, Bitcasino has seen an increase of players by over 600%, and the number of casino games available has grown five times to more than 2,000. What have been some of the keys to success, aside from being a crypto casino?

    Offering a secure and transparent way of handling players’ money is just one part of our success. It couldn’t have been possible without also putting our players at the center of all our decisions. We have one of the best game selections in the industry, we have pioneered when it comes to our move away from industry standard deposit bonuses to our custom made loyalty program, and innovated certain areas such as our live dealer selections. All of these things have been key in establishing ourselves as the crypto gaming leaders.

    What do you most like about the iGaming industry? What do you dislike or what bothers you most about the industry?

    I like the ever-changing nature of it. I think agility in the field is what keeps us ahead of the game, so to speak. As an affiliate manager, I like exploring new channels, and finding new marketing opportunities or trends. As for something I’d like to see change, it is still a very male-dominated industry but it has gotten better and it is good to see that there are some strong female role models emerging. I think it brings a lot of value in terms of how the iGaming industry can be portrayed.

    How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Bitcasino?

    The hardest part was being away from the team, which was essential for safety. However, we adapted incredibly well both in our teams as well as the business as a whole. Bitcasino was not affected by the pandemic, however, you will see that we put in efforts to help those who were. We participated in many fundraising activities, which kept us motivated throughout the lockdown.

    What would be your advice to an iGaming affiliate just getting started in the business?

    Be agile and ready for change. The affiliates who are ready to adapt as the market develops and expands will reap the biggest benefits. My advice would be to simply own whatever you’re doing and never underestimate your capabilities. Imposter syndrome can be a real issue, so make sure to check in with yourself because you don’t want to become the blocker holding yourself back.

    Other words of advice I’ve been given are to always be building your network, don’t be afraid to fail, just learn fast and keep on pushing!

    Do you gamble yourself?

    I am not an avid gambler, but I dabble from time to time. I almost always prefer online, as it is so much more convenient.

    Tell us about your typical work day.

    As an affiliate manager, my typical workday is rarely “typical.” However, if I would have to describe my day I would say it is always busy making sure everything runs smoothly and that our partners are happy.

    What's the office culture like at Bitcasino?

    I’d say we have a culture of knowledge sharing. A lot of emphasis is placed on learning and development. When you have a good idea, people are very receptive to it and it is very easy to get involved with interesting projects as a result. Although we become much bigger now, the learning culture has remained.

    What are your hobbies? What takes up your time when you are not working?

    If I have time outside of work (which it seems I rarely do) then I like to go dancing. When I was younger I was professionally dancing for close to 10 years, so now I dance just to have fun and not forget the basics.

    What were you like in high school and in your younger days what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I was not sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I was sure I wanted to do something that makes me excited to go to work. I am happy that I have achieved this already, having a great collective and an engaging job that keeps me on my toes.

    What's your favorite movie?

    To be honest, I actually prefer books over movies. So, if anyone is looking for a good book to read to get your mind off from work I would suggest The Lies of Locke Lamora or The Name of the Wind.

    If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be?

    It is a pretty tough choice, but I think I would be curious to know more about some of our ancient civilizations around the world. Definitely would like to have dinner with Pachacuti, Sneferu and Hammurabi. If we could get over the language barrier then it would be a very interesting conversation.

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    Lovely interview Agni!!!! Estonia is too cold, you guys should move to Cyprus
    Feature your Affiliate Program with us and enjoy the rewards!


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    Very interesting interview - a long road was made to get into iGaming.

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    A terrific affiliate manager interview series for the GPWA with Agni. Thank you. I can relate to you in a way when you say that you're always hungry for more. We never stop learning and like you, I'm always enthusiastic to learn new and innovative things everyday.

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    Great interview! Thank you Agni.

    It feels like I choose the right niche!

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    nice interview - now, let's register and try this crypto casino :P

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