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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series: Damian Stevens- AWA

    In this weeks Affiliate Manager Interview Series we talk with Damian Stevens, Affiliate Manager for Affiliated Web Attractions. These fun and informative question and answer sessions are an opportunity to get a personal feel for the people who run the affiliate programs, and we hope they will foster rewarding and productive relationships between GPWA members and sponsors. Please Welcome Damian!

    Could you tell us a little bit about your Program?

    Trusted Since 1997, the United Partner Program, brought to you by Affiliated Web Attractions (AWA) is powered by Grand Virtual® technology, the most trusted name in online gaming and entertainment worldwide. Grand Virtual developed the gaming and entertainment software and built supporting systems from the ground up to provide seamlessly integrated components for the best player experience anywhere. AWA is internationally focused and all allied properties are recognized by the Online Gaming Alliance™ (OGA™), the largest global gaming alliance for international standards and ethics.
    The properties included in this program are: Everest Poker, Everest Casino, Casino Glamour, Casino Elegance, Casino Treasure, Casino Fantasy, Casino Lux, and Imperial Casino.

    Since the passing of the UIGEA – what has changed and how has your program adapted?

    Not much changed for us since we stopped accepting real money play in the U.S. back in late July, 2006.

    How do you approach working with portal webmasters?

    My approach is simple: Keep communications open with each partner and handle each situation on a one-on-one basis. I hardly use "templates" in my response to partners. I take the time to handle each partner email separately and always follow up in a timely manner. I know this seems impossible but if you check with any partners who work under me they'll agree that my follow-up skills are turn-around time are above industry standards (at least that's what they tell me.)

    Our affiliate partners are the heart of our business and the main component to our success and I think it is important that we realize this and perform accordingly.

    What percentage of your business is directly attributable to affiliates?

    A large portion of our business is attributed to the affiliates which is why it is important to cultivate and assist the partners in achieving their own individual success.

    What has the withdrawal of Neteller meant to the industry and your Program?

    Again, since we weren't accepted real money play from the U.S., it did not affect us.

    What do you hope to accomplish being a GPWA sponsor?

    Affiliated Web Attractions and their affiliate program, The United Partner Program, was one of the first programs to offer properties in several different languages. We hit our niche early in Europe, a location that some of the other programs are just starting to concentrate on now. We have at least one, if not more, account manager for each language market. If you are an affiliate account that I work with and you seek advice on how to market to a different country, I have the luxury of asking one of our other affiliate manager (whichever one handles that country specifically) to assist me in helping that partner.

    Our goal is to become the premier affiliate program in respect to true global integration of affiliate marketing.

    What advice would you give to new would-be gaming affiliates?

    Think about how you can reach out to several different markets. In light of the new laws governing U.S. play, we've seen so many partners that had all their eggs in one basket. Our best partners have marketing plans that reach a truly global level. This is not to say that a partner cannot have success marketing to only one geographical location. But, to me, affiliate marketing is sometimes like having an investment portfolio. Sure, one of your markets probably leads the way in a return on your investments, but sometimes something beyond your control might grossly affect that market's performance. It's always a good idea to cultivate other markets in addition to your priority market so that if something happens along the way you already have some experience in other markets and you can begin to build them and turn them into primary markets. Always think global!

    What sports do you enjoy?

    I grew up in a football town (American Football that is), and this is my sport of choice. I also enjoy a night out at a baseball game. Go Patriots and Red Sox!!!

    What makes your program a unique experience for its players?

    The most unique feature that our players enjoy is the ability to play in their native language. Having our properties translated in multiple languages is a key feature to our program.

    What do you see as the most essential things that an affiliate must be doing today to achieve long-term success?

    As I mentioned before, think global right from the beginning. You might not have the knowledge or the starting investments to achieve global success right from the start, but always be THINKING about it. Once you have success in one market, start to experiment in others and cultivate them while you focus on your primary markets. Global marketing is the best approach to long-term success.

    What has been your favorite place to travel to (for business or pleasure)?
    Being a long-time poker player, I'd have to say Las Vegas.

    Any other Interests?

    Playing poker, painting, drawing, singing with a local band, playing bass guitar in my spare time.

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    Default Your picture

    Lol Damian

    When is this picture of you taken?

    I start doubting if this is the Damian i remember,
    maybe i am mistaken with another affiliate manager of AWA.....


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    Damian rocks, he is one of the most responsive managers I have come across.

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    Hi, Elgoog,

    There's a good chance you are thinking of someone else. I was indeed at CAC Amsterdam last April, but that picture was taken over the summer, so it is rather recent.

    Thanks, Dominique. That commendation is greatly appreciated.


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